Arizona Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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 Nov 08, 2019
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Question: 1/17Pick Your Answer!

Arizonans are pretty divided between which two in-state colleges?
Arizona State University & University of Arizona
Northern Arizona & Arizona University
Northern Arizona & Arizona State University

Question: 2/17Pick Your Answer!

What do you mean it snows in some parts of Arizona?
People have a tough time believing it, but some parts get snow!
No way, it's always hot and sunny here!

Question: 3/17Pick Your Answer!

Arizonans are rooting for which MLB team, win or lose?

Question: 4/17Pick Your Answer!

"Man, I could use a quick bite right now! Do we have any more chimis around?" What's a chimi?
A quesadilla
A chimichanga. They were invented here in Arizona.
A bag of tortilla chips

Question: 5/17Pick Your Answer!

Why don't you want to be called a snowbird by an Arizonan?
It means you're not a very nice person
It means you're a tourist from up north coming to escape winter
It means you can't handle Arizona heat

Question: 6/17Pick Your Answer!

That's just a dust devil
Oh, you mean the haboob?

Question: 7/17Pick Your Answer!

"Oh, don't worry. It's just a ____ heat."

Question: 8/17Pick Your Answer!

How can you tell if a cactus is a Saguaro cactus?
By its height
By its shape and color
By its arms

Question: 9/17Pick Your Answer!

You should always check your shoes for ____ before putting them on if you don't want to be stung!

Question: 10/17Pick Your Answer!

Yeehaw! Cowboy hats and boots might just be fashion accessories in some states, but in Arizona, ranching and farming are still part of a lot of peoples' lives.
Um, false.
Very true

Question: 11/17Pick Your Answer!

Sure, mountain lions and bobcats are scary, but you're much more likely to encounter a ______. If you hear its warning, it's best to walk away!

Question: 12/17Pick Your Answer!

Tourists flock from all over the country – even the world – to Arizona for which amazing landmark?
Black Star Canyon
The Grand Canyon
Death Valley

Question: 13/17Pick Your Answer!

Daylight Savings Time? Arizonans don't need to mess with their clocks twice a year. Ha!

Question: 14/17Pick Your Answer!

Where might you go if you wanted to see a Native American shaman and get in touch with your spirituality?

Question: 15/17Pick Your Answer!

What river runs through the Grand Canyon?
The Des Moines River
The Colorado River
The Platte River

Question: 16/17Pick Your Answer!

Arizona residents used to wear ___ to add an accent to their outfits.
Lapel pins
Bolo ties

Question: 17/17Pick Your Answer!

As a resident of Arizona, you know that there's no other place in the world that can beat the _____ State.
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