Lion King Quiz: What % Nala Are You?

Everyone's a little bit Nala! How much are you?

Disney, the lion king
Walt Disney Studios
 Nov 29, 2019
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Question: 1/20Choose Your Answer:

If you were a cocktail, you'd be:
A refreshing mojito!
A sweet and sour margarita!
A sophisticated red sangria!

Question: 2/20Choose Your Answer:

Time to party! You're headed to a cocktail party tonight. What dress will you wear?
A fun halter dress
A sassy LBD
A flirty fit and flare

Question: 3/20Choose Your Answer:

Imagine you're a lion cub living at Pride Rock. What's the first thing you do?
Sneak off to visit the elephant graveyard
Climb to the top of Pride Rock and admire the view
Play with the other lion cubs in the tall grass

Question: 4/20Choose Your Answer:

How would others describe you?
Passionate and driven
Fun and adventurous
Friendly and kind

Question: 5/20Choose Your Answer:

What's your go-to weekend activity?
Checking out that new coffee shop that just opened up
Hitting up some friends and having a kickback
Staying in and getting lost in a book

Question: 6/20Choose Your Answer:

The thought of playing hooky makes you:
A little nervous, but eager nonetheless!
Excited! You have to live a little!
Hesitate a little

Question: 7/20Choose Your Answer:

What qualities do you feel are the most important in a romantic partner?
Passion and spontaneity
Trust and compassion

Question: 8/20Choose Your Answer:

Pick a country to study abroad in:

Question: 9/20Choose Your Answer:

What's your ideal vacation spot?
A tropical island
Somewhere with lots of adventure sports
A grand and historic city

Question: 10/20Choose Your Answer:

Which Disney song would you sing at karaoke?
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Almost There
I Just Won't Say I'm In Love

Question: 11/20Choose Your Answer:

How would you say you handle yourself under pressure?
I think I could be better!
Very well. I'm quick on my feet and an analytic thinker.
I do better than most.

Question: 12/20Choose Your Answer:

In your friend group, you'd say you're the:
Shoulder to cry on
Life of the party

Question: 13/20Choose Your Answer:

What quality is the most attractive to you?

Question: 14/20Choose Your Answer:

Who is your Disney sidekick?
Cheshire Cat

Question: 15/20Choose Your Answer:

What's your favorite genre of music?

Question: 16/20Choose Your Answer:

Pick a music festival to party at!
Outside Lands

Question: 17/20Choose Your Answer:

What is your dream car?
A cute convertible
A sporty coupe
A rugged off-roader

Question: 18/20Choose Your Answer:

Uh oh, your best friend has just broken up with her significant other. What do you do?
Introduce her to some new hobbies
Stay in and have a girls night
Take her dancing to let loose

Question: 19/20Choose Your Answer:

Which of these would you adopt if you could?
A fairy
A dragon
A unicorn

Question: 20/20Choose Your Answer:

Who would your Disney cat be?
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