Quiz: Should You Get a Big, Medium, or Small Dog?

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 Jul 18, 2020
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Question: 1/10Pick Your Answer!

What do you usually do on the weekends?
Beach or hiking trip
Go on a leisurely stroll
Relax and lounge

Question: 2/10Pick Your Answer!

How often are you willing to take your dog to the groomer?
A moderate to large amount
A small to a moderate amount
Very little

Question: 3/10Pick Your Answer!

How much shedding can you tolerate?
A lot
Very little, almost none
Moderate shedding

Question: 4/10Pick Your Answer!

What do you think your family size will be in the next five years?
Planning to have children
Children five years and over
Just me and/or a partner

Question: 5/10Pick Your Answer!

What do you think your living situation will be like in the next five years?
I might be moving a few different times
I'm looking to settle down as soon as possible
I'm already settled

Question: 6/10Pick Your Answer!

Do you want your dog to act as a guard dog if needed?
It's not necessary

Question: 7/10Pick Your Answer!

How much time can you dedicate to training?
As much as needed, and more
A moderate amount of time
Just enough to ensure good behavior

Question: 8/10Pick Your Answer!

How big is the place you live now?

Question: 9/10Pick Your Answer!

Is it important to be able to bring your dog on outings with you?
Only if it won't be too hard
Yes, whenever possible

Question: 10/10Pick Your Answer!

Does the dog have to be hypoallergenic?
As much as possible
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So you've decided to adopt a new, furry (maybe slobbery) addition to your family. How exciting! Deciding you'd like to get a new dog or puppy is the fun part, but figuring out which one to get is a different story. So do you know what size dog is best for you? You'd be surprised at all the different factors you should probably consider. Let's find out which size dog you should get!