Quiz: Which Type of Doctor Should You Be?

Say ahhh! Should you be a surgeon or a pediatrician? Take this quiz to find out which type of doctor you should be!

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 Sep 19, 2018
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Question: 1/10Pick Your Answer!

What was your favorite subject in school?
Language Arts

Question: 2/10Pick Your Answer!

Have you ever been a tutor for kids or peers?
Yes, for kids
No, I never wanted to be
Yes, for my peers

Question: 3/10Pick Your Answer!

Pick the word that describes you best!

Question: 4/10Pick Your Answer!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Play video games
Spend time with people you care about

Question: 5/10Pick Your Answer!

How would others describe you?
Warm and friendly
Slow to warm up, but a great friend nonetheless
Dependable and wise

Question: 6/10Pick Your Answer!

How do you tend to handle stressful situations?
Calmly analyzing the situation and all solutions
Dive right in and fix it as quickly as possible
Extensive research on each possible solution

Question: 7/10Pick Your Answer!

You find an injured kitten on your way home. What do you do?
Take it to the vet and adopt it
Take it to the vet and try to find a good home for it
Nurse it back to health yourself

Question: 8/10Pick Your Answer!

Which of these were you most likely to be in school?
Student government president
Captain of a sports team
Top of your class

Question: 9/10Pick Your Answer!

Which other career would you be interested in?

Question: 10/10Pick Your Answer!

What's your biggest fear?
Not being given a chance
Not being able to have a family
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Everybody knows becoming a doctor is hard work, and it's just as hard to decide which type of doctor you should be. Half of the battle is deciding what kind of doctor you want to become in the first place! If you don't mind being around children, maybe being a pediatrician is best suited for you. If you've got a good pair of steady hands, then you might want to consider becoming a surgeon. Who knows? Maybe you're destined to become an entirely different kind of doctor than you think. Let's find out!