Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Ace This Marines Test. Can You?

Do you have what it takes to be part of the elite force of the Marines?

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 Jul 17, 2018
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Question: 1/18Pick the correct answer!

The Marines were formed in what year?
February 23, 1812
December 7, 1941
November 10, 1775

Question: 2/18Pick the correct answer!

As of 2016, the number of active duty Marines is ____.

Question: 3/18Pick the correct answer!

What does the Marine motto, " Semper Fidelis" mean?
Always Faithful
We Believe
First to Fight

Question: 4/18Pick the correct answer!

In the Marine Hymn, "the Shores of Tripoli" are in ______.
Southern California
the northern coast of Cuba
the Barbary Coast, Libya

Question: 5/18Pick the correct answer!

Where does the term "jarhead" come from?
It references their "high-and-tight" haircuts
Jars containing dirt from various countries the Marines have been to
The style of hat Marines wear

Question: 6/18Pick the correct answer!

Who said, "The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle"?
General John “Black Jack” Pershing
General Colin Powell
President Jimmy Carter

Question: 7/18Pick the correct answer!

The U.S. Marine insignia includes _____.
crossed bayonets, a helmet, and a ship.
a rifle, a canon, and a horse.
an eagle, a globe, and an anchor.

Question: 8/18Pick the correct answer!

What department do the Marines belong to?
Department of the Navy
Department of the Army
Department of the Air Force

Question: 9/18Pick the correct answer!

You must have a high school diploma to enlist in the Marines.

Question: 10/18Pick the correct answer!

How long is Recruit Training?
15 weeks
10 weeks
12 weeks

Question: 11/18Pick the correct answer!

What is the Marine Band nicknamed?
The Band of the Coldstream
The Old Guard
The Marine Band

Question: 12/18Pick the correct answer!

Which is NOT a Marine Corps Value?

Question: 13/18Pick the correct answer!

"Oohrah" means _____.
To make fun of
To charge
To approve

Question: 14/18Pick the correct answer!

The Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Air Force.

Question: 15/18Pick the correct answer!

What colors are on the Marines flag?
Green, blue
Blue, Silver
Scarlet, Gold

Question: 16/18Pick the correct answer!

Which is NOT a nickname of the Marine Corps?
Teufel Hünde
Devil Dogs
Old Ironsides

Question: 17/18Pick the correct answer!

Rob Riggle was in the Marines before leaving to pursue comedy.

Question: 18/18Pick the correct answer!

_____ in San Diego hosts 'Hell Week' for Marines.
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