Can You Match the Word to the Dictionary Definition?

speak·ing Eng·lish is sorta hard...

mix hero, trivia, grammar
anchorman - dreamworks/Harry Potter via Warner Bros.
 Oct 16, 2020
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Question: 1/7Ambient

movies/tv, relationships, gilmore girls, thinking, lorelai, lauren, lauren graham, graham
the character and atmosphere of a place
the noise in the atmosphere
the aesthetic surroundings of a place

Question: 2/7Rhetorical

food & drinks, pizza, happy, thinking
expressed in terms intended to persuade or impress
absolute meaning of a word
a sound that you hear more than once

Question: 3/7Enamor

movies/tv, veep, julia louis dreyfuss, thinking, think, scowl, no
be covered in armor
be protected by love
be filled with a feeling of love

Question: 4/7Amicable

movies/tv, celebs, johnny, depp, johnny depp, thinking, ponder, pondering, confused, wonder, wondering, think
a kind or caring gesture
having a spirit of friendliness
able to be put back together

Question: 5/7Unanimous

movies/tv, pop culture, cher, clueless, thinking, wondering, think, school
via Paramount Pictures
fully in agreement
only pertaining to one person
having a relationship with one person

Question: 6/7Averse

money, movies/tv, thinking, pondering, alice, alice in wonderland, little girl, Dreaming, Disney
having a strong dislike of or opposition to something
a feeling of loss
understanding something completely

Question: 7/7Cue

celebs, career, movies/tv, celebsm kevin, spacey, kevin spacey, house of cards, Netflix, chess, thinking, speculating, businessman
a line of people
a purposeful statement
a signal for something
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