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"Hellcaster, care to take a stab?"

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 Jul 09, 2019
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Question: 1/15Pick One:

What was the addicting game everyone in Riverdale played?

Question: 2/15Pick One:

Who does Betty play as in the game?
Griffin Queen
The Princess
Dragon Queen

Question: 3/15Pick One:

The Farm's real business was actually...
Organ harvesting
Funneling money for the mob
Making drugs

Question: 4/15Pick One:

Who did the Black Hood team up with?
Alice Cooper
Penelope Blossom
Betty Cooper

Question: 5/15Pick One:

When Betty's life was in danger at the Farm, who saved her?
Alice Cooper
Fred Andrews
Penelope Blossom

Question: 6/15Pick One:

At the end of ‘The Hunt’, who showed up at Jughead’s house?

Question: 7/15Pick One:

What event did the core four get invited too?
The Blossom's family reunion
Alice's baby shower
Dinner with Penelope Blossom

Question: 8/15Pick One:

Cheryl was able to escape from the Farm with the help of ___.

Question: 9/15Pick One:

What was Penelope’s plan for Riverdale?
To rid Riverdale of its sins
Sell Riverdale
To become Mayor

Question: 10/15Pick One:

The Gargoyle King ended up being...
Hal Cooper
Charles Smith

Question: 11/15Pick One:

What happened to the Farm?
The Farmies died
The Farmies ran away
The Farmies ascended

Question: 12/15Pick One:

The FBI actually planted a spy at the Farm. Who was it?

Question: 13/15Pick One:

Who stayed behind to explain what happen to the Farm?

Question: 14/15Pick One:

At the end of the last episode, what happened?
Betty and Veronica die
They have a big party
Flash forward to the future

Question: 15/15Pick One:

What happened in the flash forward?
The core four was around a fire with blood on their hands
The core four are around a gravestone
The core four was at Pop’s celebrating an engagement
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