Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Must Have Been A Debutante

Do you have what it takes to be a socialite?

 Jan 10, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick the right answer!

Why did the tradition of Debutante Balls begin?
A religious ceremony
As a way for high society families to debut their daughters for marriage
A rowdy dance party

Question: 2/15Pick the right answer!

Debutante balls and cotillion classes mainly teach:
How to get a husband

Question: 3/15Pick the right answer!

What's the correct way to curtsy?
extend your arms, bend your knees, lower yourself down
bend and snap
just take a bow

Question: 4/15Pick the right answer!

What does a debutante always call their elders?
Sir or Ma'am
By their first name
Mr. or Mrs.

Question: 5/15Pick the right answer!

The age of women in debutante balls is typically:
16 to 21

Question: 6/15Pick the right answer!

To be part of a debutante ball, you have to be:
Be rich
Have a lot of Instagram followers
recommended or sponsored by a member of society

Question: 7/15Pick the right answer!

Appropriate ball attire is:
Pants and a nice shirt
Comfy casual
A dress and white gloves

Question: 8/15Pick the right answer!

Debutantes are often presented by their:

Question: 9/15Pick the right answer!

An escort is:
The debutante's date for the ball
The host of the party
A high class prostitute

Question: 10/15Pick the right answer!

Another name for a curtsy is the ______.
St. James Bow
Bend and Snap
Loop de Loop

Question: 11/15Pick the right answer!

A nickname for a Debutante Ball is a _____
Tante Ball

Question: 12/15Pick the right answer!

What is the correct way to hold a fork and knife?
A butler cuts the food for you
Fork in your left hand, knife in your right
Knife and fork in your right hand

Question: 13/15Pick the right answer!

If you're hosting, how do you show that the meal is over?
Flick the lights
Tell everyone to get out
Put your napkin on the table

Question: 14/15Pick the right answer!

As the saying goes, "Table manners tend to match the _______."

Question: 15/15Pick the right answer!

A gift one might receive for their Debutante Ball might be:
New puppy
Trip to Disneyland
Pearls, diamond earrings, or an engraved piece of jewelry
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