Quiz: Only A True Virginian Can Answer These 16 Questions. Can You?

Are you really a VA local?

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 Jul 06, 2018
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Question: 1/16Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following are NOT nicknames for this state?
Mother of Presidents.
Old Dominion.
America in Miniature.

Question: 2/16Pick the right choice!

What is the capital of Virginia?
Virginia Beach.

Question: 3/16Pick the correct answer!

Which of these statements about Virginia are false?
There are no stop signs in Virginia
More U.S. presidents were born here than any other state.
Virginia was the first part of the U.S. permanently settled by the English.

Question: 4/16Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following presidents is NOT from Virginia?
Thomas Jefferson.
George Washington.
Abraham Lincoln.

Question: 5/16Fill in the blank!

Most Virginians call a refrigerator:

Question: 6/16Pick the best answer!

How do you pronounce "Norfolk"?

Question: 7/16Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is the state tree and flower?

Question: 8/16Fill in the blank!

The first ______ grown in the United States were grown in Virginia.

Question: 9/16Pick the best answer!

When Virginians refer to the word "NOVA", they mean:
The middle of Virginia.
A star with a sudden large increase in brightness.
Northern Virginia.

Question: 10/16Fill in the blank!

Virginians have more ________ than any other state.
personalized license plates

Question: 11/16Fill in the blank!

Virginia handles 70% of the world's _________.
internet traffic
hand guns

Question: 12/16Pick the best answer!

What meat is Virginia renowned for?

Question: 13/16Fill in the blank!

_________ is the final resting place for many famous confederate officers.
Confederate Burial.
Hollywood Cemetery.
Confederate Cemetery.

Question: 14/16Pick the correct answer!

Who was the state of Virginia named after?
Mary, Queen of Scots.
Princess Virginia.
Queen Elizabeth I.

Question: 15/16Pick the correct answer!

Which industry contributes the most to Virginia's economy?
Fossil fuel.

Question: 16/16Fill in the blank.

Our state slogan is, "Virginia is for _____."
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