Quiz: You Can Only Get 10/15 On This Test If You're An EMT

Are you an Emergency Medical Technician? Well, prove it!

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 Sep 26, 2017
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Question: 1/15Choose the correct answer!

What is the "Mechanism of Injury"?
The machine used to diagnose the patient
The tools used to treat the injury
The forces involved in creating the injury

Question: 2/15Choose the correct answer!

What does "ALS" stand for?
Accident Life Saving
Advanced Life Saving
Advanced Life Support

Question: 3/15Choose the correct answer!

A blow that does not penetrate the skin is called _______ Trauma.
Blunt Force
Mild Force

Question: 4/15Choose the correct answer!

What do you use to assess mental status?
AVPU method
Hold up two fingers and ask how many they see

Question: 5/15Choose the correct answer!

If someone has overdosed on opiates, how will their pupils look?

Question: 6/15Choose the correct answer!

If someone is "supine" they are...

Question: 7/15Choose the correct answer!

What is the normal heart rate for an adult?
60 - 100 BPM
40 - 90 BPM
80 - 150 BPM

Question: 8/15Choose the correct answer!

What does it mean to "auscultate"?
Wake Up

Question: 9/15Choose the correct answer!

What is the measurement of how much oxygen is in the blood?

Question: 10/15Choose the correct answer!

What is the SAMPLE mnemonic used for?
Gathering family contact information
Assessing mental status
Gathering relevant past medical history

Question: 11/15Choose the correct answer!

T/F: Paramedic and EMT are interchangeable terms.

Question: 12/15Choose the correct answer!

________ is the tube that carries food to the stomach called.

Question: 13/15Choose the correct answer!

What is a "frequent flyer" to an EMT?
Someone who is always high
Someone who calls 911 for an ambulance often
Someone who likes to travel

Question: 14/15Choose the correct answer!

"BVM" stands for _______.
Bag Valve Mask
Blue Ventricle Machine
Bilateral Valve Marker

Question: 15/15Choose the correct answer!

What does "crackacardia" mean?
Someone has OD'd on crack
Someone who is having a breakdown
Someone who's back is broken
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