Quiz: How Well Do You Know The "South Bay"?

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 May 23, 2021
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Why was the Manhattan Beach Pier originally constructed?
For sunset viewing in the 1920's
For a movie
For residents to fish off of and catch their dinner

Question: 2/18Choose your answer:

What does Palos Verdes translate to?
Green sticks
Rolling hills
Green mountains

Question: 3/18Choose your answer:

Ryan Gosling takes Emma Stone to the Lighthouse Café in "La La Land". Where is this located?
Long Beach
Hermosa Beach
Redondo Beach

Question: 4/18Choose your answer:

You're driving through Palos Verdes. Which animal will you possibly see?
An owl
A deer
A peacock

Question: 5/18Choose your answer:

The iconic "greenbelt" found in beach cities used to be...
A railroad line
A river
A salt mine

Question: 6/18Choose your answer:

Del Amo Fashion Center is one of the biggest malls in the whole country.

Question: 7/18Choose your answer:

What does LBJ refer to?
El Burrito Jr
"Lady Bird" Johnson
Lyndon B Johnson

Question: 8/18Choose your answer:

When you land at LAX, which restaurant chain can you see from your airplane window?

Question: 9/18Choose your answer:

Which company has its headquarters in El Segundo?
Vans shoes

Question: 10/18Choose your answer:

Where do most locals go to ski/snowboard?
Park City
Mammoth Mountain

Question: 11/18Choose your answer:

Where do you always run into people you know?
Jamba Juice

Question: 12/18Choose your answer:

Which high school location was used in "90210" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?
Beverly Hills High School
El Segundo High School
Torrance High School

Question: 13/18Choose your answer:

What was torn down- much to the dismay of locals- in the Manhattan Village Mall complex?
A Barnes & Noble
A movie theater

Question: 14/18Choose your answer:

Candy Cane Lane is the ideal place to see Christmas lights.

Question: 15/18Choose your answer:

What street is Martha's on?

Question: 16/18Choose your answer:

Hermosa Beach is the only beach city without its own high school.

Question: 17/18Choose your answer

Manhattan Beach has a Halloween festival devoted to...
Pumpkin chuckin
Pumpkin racing
Pumpkin carving

Question: 18/18Choose your answer:

Where is 2018 Gold Medalist Chloe Kim from?
San Diego
Long Beach
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The South Bay is a magical place. It has quirk, charm, and random trivia! You want awesome Mexican food? We got it. Interested in real film and tv locations? They're sprinkled all throughout the South Bay! And don't get us started on the random animals you can find here. Do you think you know the South Bay from the inside out? Take this quiz and see how much you really know!