Which Ancient Civilization Would You Belong To Based On Your Personality?

Answer these simple questions to find out!

Ancient Civilization personality quiz
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 Sep 25, 2020
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Question: 1/20Pick One!

What quality do you value most in a friend?

Question: 2/20Pick One!

It's your birthday! What do you hope to get as a present?

Question: 3/20Pick One!

Choose a college major!
Art History
Political Science

Question: 4/20Pick One!

What's your biggest vice?
Shopping — I need it all!
Alcohol — I do know how to have a good time!
Anything sweet — I just can’t help myself!

Question: 5/20Pick One!

Pick a pet to have!
A horse
A cat
A dog

Question: 6/20Pick One!

What kind of weapon would you prefer to use in battle?
A sword
A whip
A spear

Question: 7/20Pick One!

There's a yard sale going on in your neighborhood. What do you buy?
A pearl necklace
A silk scarf
A stoneware crock

Question: 8/20Pick One!

Pick a color!

Question: 9/20Pick One!

You just won the lottery! What do you do first?
Work on a cool, new invention
Purchase a famous work of art
Have a private concert

Question: 10/20Pick One!

What is the secret to success?

Question: 11/20Pick One!

It's time for a midnight snack, and you're starving. What looks the tastiest?
Rich pastries
Grilled fish
Fresh fruit

Question: 12/20Pick One!

Which exotic animal would you like to meet in your travels?
A lion
A crocodile
A hawk

Question: 13/20Pick One!

Pick a mythical god!

Question: 14/20Pick One!

You need a new outfit. What catches your eye?
Oh, I don’t really care — whatever is cheap and practical
Something loose and comfortable — I need to breathe
Anything cute — I don’t mind suffering as long as I look good

Question: 15/20Pick One!

What is your deepest desire?
To protect
To know
To conquer

Question: 16/20Pick One!

What's your idea of a perfect day?
Dark and stormy: I’ll stay in and read a book!
Windy and moderate: the perfect weather for a long walk!
Sunny and warm: I can go to the beach!

Question: 17/20Pick One!

You're stranded on a desert island — what's your most essential item?
A laptop and wifi!
A really big book!
A bottle of wine!

Question: 18/20Pick One!

Pick a mythical goddess!

Question: 19/20Pick One!

Choose a movie!

Question: 20/20Pick One!

Choose a city to live in!
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Do you ever feel like you are an old soul who belongs in a different era from the past? Each time period in history is filled with unique and interesting qualities, and sometimes it's fun to daydream about what your life would be like if you were born in a different era. But some actually believe that they were born out of sync with the rest of the world. Maybe you've always pictured yourself in Ancient Greece, standing in all your glory in front of the Parthenon and witnessing the vast power of the Spartan army (and drinking a lot of wine, tbh). Or perhaps you daydream of corsets and gowns in the Victorian era. Those folks knew what proper etiquette was, and their social lives were the kind of thing you only dream of. If you belong in Ancient Greece, you would fit in well with the scholarly and intelligent Greek people. Like you, Greece is a land of knowledge, wisdom, and power. If you belong in Ancient Egypt, you would fit in well with the innovative and creative Egyptian people. Like you, Egyptians are known for their leadership, architectural taste, and inventions. If you belong in Ancient Rome, you would fit in well with the passionate and cultured Roman people. Like you, Romans are known for their impeccable taste in art, music, and food. Humans have existed for thousands of years. Is it any surprise that some of us don't quite fit in the time period we were born into? Perhaps you should have been born into another time…and there's only one way to find out. Go bravely forward, take this quiz, and discover when you should have been born!