Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Ladies Of The 60s? Can You Name Them All?

Do you know your 60s starlets?

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 Jun 27, 2020
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Question: 1/25Name The 60s Icon!

movies, celebs, Rear Window, grace kelly
Paramount Pictures
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Lucille Ball

Question: 2/25Name The 60s Icon!

First Lady
Wikimedia Commons
Ethel Kennedy
Linda McCartney
Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Question: 3/25Name The 60s Icon!

Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds, movies/tv
Universal Pictures
Kim Novak
Julie Andrews
Tippi Hedren

Question: 4/25Name The 60s Icon!

I Dream of Jeannie, 60s tv actress, tv
Ann Morgan Guilbert
Donna Reed
Barbara Eden

Question: 5/25Name The 60s Icon!

movies, celebs, Sophia Loren, marriage italian style, italian, .
Embassy Pictures
Julie Andrews
Barbra Streisand
Sophia Loren

Question: 6/25Name The 60s Icon!

movies/tv, elizabeth taylor, celebs
MGM Studios
Julie Andrews
Elizabeth Taylor
Barbra Streisand

Question: 7/25Name The 60s Icon!

Paramount Pictures
Natalie Wood
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe

Question: 8/25Name The 60s Icon!

Mary Poppins
Buena Vista Pictures
Grace Kelly
Judy Garland
Julie Andrews

Question: 9/25Name The 60s Icon!

The Dick Van Dyke Show, mary tyler moore, 60s tv actress, tv
Reta Shaw
Mary Tyler Moore
Rose Marie

Question: 10/25Name The 60s Icon!

60s tv actress, tv, Green Acres
Eva Gabor
Hope Lange
Ann Jillian

Question: 11/25Name The 60s Icon!

60s tv actress, tv, the brady bunch
Sigrid Valdis
Emmaline Henry
Florence Henderson

Question: 12/25Name The 60s Icon!

First Lady
Wikimedia Commons
Oprah Winfrey
Great Van Susteren
Lady Bird Johnson

Question: 13/25Name The 60s Icon!

best actress winner, movies
Paramount Pictures
Jane Fonda
Audrey Hepburn
Ingrid Bergman

Question: 14/25Name The 60s Icon!

movies, doris day, pillow talk
Doris Day
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe

Question: 15/25Name The 60s Icon!

faye dunaway, Bonnie and Clyde, 70s female icon, movies
Warner Bros.-Seven Arts
Angie Dickinson
Phyllis Davis
Faye Dunaway

Question: 16/25Name The 60s Icon!

Gilligan's Island, 60s tv actress, tv
Dawn Wells
Marlo Thomas
Vivian Vance

Question: 17/25Name The 60s Icon!

60s tv actress, tv, The Beverly Hillbillies
Frances Bavier
Donna Douglas
Betty Lynn

Question: 18/25Name The 60s Icon!

marilyn monroe, movies, tv/movies, best picture, classic, history, phone, juju, film
20th Century Fox
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe
Marlene Dietrich

Question: 19/25Name The 60s Icon!

Shirley MacLaine, artists and models, movies
Paramount Pictures
Judy Garland
Shirley MacLaine
Ginger Rogers

Question: 20/25Name The 60s Icon!

60s tv actress, tv, the brady bunch
Diahann Carroll
Shelley Fabares
Maureen McCormick

Question: 21/25Name The 60s Icon!

Rosemary's Baby, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Goldie Hawn
Jane Fonda
Mia Farrow

Question: 22/25Name The 60s Icon!

Murder, norman bates, scary, Psycho, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Lynn Carlin
Natalie Wood
Janet Leigh

Question: 23/25Name The 60s Icon!

movies/tv, West Side Story, Natalie Wood
United Artists
Elizabeth Taylor
Loretta Young
Natalie Wood

Question: 24/25Name The 60s Icon!

Barbarella, Jane Fonda, movies
Paramount Pictures
Diane Keaton
Jane Fonda
Jodie Foster

Question: 25/25Name The 60s Icon!

60s tv actress, tv, bewitched
Irene Ryan
Anissa Jones
Elizabeth Montgomery
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