This Freudian Psychology Quiz Is Creepily Accurate - Can We Get You Right?

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 Jul 20, 2020
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Question: 1/100Pick One!

What's your love life look like?
I'm with the love of my life
I'm dating someone, it's serious
I'm dating around
I'm very single

Question: 2/100Pick One!

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
These old bones of mine may creak, but I'm ready
Ready to go
It depends what time I went to bed last night
Tired, let me go back to sleep

Question: 3/100Pick One!

What's your biggest worry right now?
My personal life
My lack of a savings account
My health
My lack of a career

Question: 4/100Pick One!

What is your ideal partner like?
Kind and funny
Rich and handsome
Complex and intriguing

Question: 5/100Pick One!

Does it take a lot to scare you?
Yes, I never get scared
No, I get scared very easily
It takes a lot, but I don't like being scared

Question: 6/100Pick One!

What does your dream house look like?
Modern with a nice view
Cosy and isolated
Huge and extravagant

Question: 7/100Pick One!

Do you believe in soulmates?
I'm not sure
Definitely not
Of course I do

Question: 8/100Pick One!

Would you like to star in your own movie?
No way
Not star, but I'd like to appear

Question: 9/100Pick One!

Which of these words stands out to you the most?

Question: 10/100Pick One!

Do you like happy endings?
In life, but not in movies
Not if they don't make sense

Question: 11/100Pick One!

Which of these is the most important to you?

Question: 12/100Pick One!

How do people usually react to you?
They laugh
They can't work me out
They feel all of my emotions

Question: 13/100Pick One!

Which of these words best describes your life?

Question: 14/100Pick One!

What do you think is the worst thing you've ever done?
I've skipped school/work
I've cheated on my partner
I've lied to someone

Question: 15/100Pick One!

Who are you in your friend group?
The "mom," I make sure everyone is okay
The leader
The unapologetic lush

Question: 16/100Pick One!

Which app do you use most on your phone?
Dating apps
A game

Question: 17/100Pick One!

Do you ever get into fights?
I may get in a verbal disagreement now and then
Only if it's really necessary
I don't fight, maybe I might argue...

Question: 18/100Pick One!

How do you end your weekend?
Usually by kicking someone out of my bed
Maybe a little hungover
I am still on my couch

Question: 19/100Pick One!

How do you start your weekend?
A couple of drinks, some dancing
Way too many drinks with my friends
I figure out which movies I'm going to Netflix

Question: 20/100Pick One!

What were you criticized for when you were younger?
Overly sensitive, moody
Directionless, unenthusiastic
Argumentative, bossy
Disruptive, uncommitted, and/or disorganized

Question: 21/100Pick One!

Which of these dog breeds do you prefer?

Question: 22/100Pick One!

Your best friend is in trouble, how do you act?
Supportive, patient, and a good listener
Nonjudgmental, optimistic
Protective, resourceful, and recommending of solutions
Concerned, empathetic, and loyal regardless of the problem.

Question: 23/100Pick One!

Pick a sport:
Track and field
Horseback riding

Question: 24/100Pick One!

What word would you use to describe yourself?

Question: 25/100Pick One!

Pick a catchy Disney song:
Cruella de Vil
Colors of the Wind
Part of Your World

Question: 26/100Pick One!

What's your living situation?
I live with my family
I live with my significant other
I live with roommates/on my own
I live at home

Question: 27/100Pick One!

Your life philosophy is _____.
“Born to be a boss”
“Life’s a beach”
“Family first”

Question: 28/100Pick One!

How do you feel about your career?
I have a job that I'm not happy with
I think I'm on the right track
There's room for growth, but I'm in the right career
What am I doing with my life??

Question: 29/100Pick One!

Which one are you in the gang?
The fun-loving one
The bossy one
The smart one

Question: 30/100Pick One!

What word describes your approach to life?

Question: 31/100Pick One!

Pick a dessert:
Cake or pie
Ice cream

Question: 32/100Pick One!

How do you feel about kids?
I want kids soon or already have them
I don't think I ever want kids
I have kids
I want kids one day, but my life isn't ready for them yet

Question: 33/100Pick One!

Pick a comfort food:
French fries

Question: 34/100Pick One!

Your Instagram account is mostly pictures of:
nature or food
animals or friends
fashion or celebrities

Question: 35/100Pick One!

Pick a vacation destination:
New York

Question: 36/100Pick One!

The celebrity you'd choose as your BFF is:
Ellen Page
Carrie Underwood
Jennifer Garner

Question: 37/100Pick One!

How long do you spend getting ready in the morning?
20 minutes or less
At least an hour
Around half an hour

Question: 38/100Pick One!

Your style can best be described as:
tomboyish and plain
cute but casual
girly and sweet

Question: 39/100Pick One!

Pick a place to take a stroll:
In town
In the park
On the beach

Question: 40/100Pick One!

You like to spend your free time:
exploring nature or reading
hanging out with friends or dancing
watching movies or shopping

Question: 41/100Pick One!

What is your biggest goal in life?
To be happy as I am
To have a happy family
To become rich and famous

Question: 42/100Pick One!

Your favorite genre of movie is:
drama or romance
action or historical
comedy or adventure

Question: 43/100Pick One!

What is the most important characteristic in a friend?

Question: 44/100Pick One!

Your drink of choice is:
beer or gin
wine or vodka
whiskey or tequila

Question: 45/100Pick One!

Your friends would describe you as:

Question: 46/100Pick One!

Your favorite color is:
green or blue
red or yellow
pink or purple

Question: 47/100Pick One!

Which of the following would be your ideal first date?
Coffee and a play at the local theater
Comedy show and drinks
Dinner and a movie
Activity based date like cooking or painting

Question: 48/100Pick One!

Which of these talents would you like to hone?

Question: 49/100Pick One!

Which of the following would you gift someone you've known for 3 months?
Gift card
Concert tickets

Question: 50/100Pick One!

Which of these European cities would you most like to visit:

Question: 51/100Pick One!

Which of the following cities would you consider residing in for at least a year?

Question: 52/100Pick One!

How festive are you around the holidays?
I am holiday obsessed
I just go with the flow each year
I can get into the spirit a bit

Question: 53/100Pick One!

What's your highest educational attainment?
Some college
Graduate school
High school graduate
Doctoral school

Question: 54/100Pick One!

What is the most important human trait:

Question: 55/100Pick One!

Which of the following professions did you consider when you were a child?

Question: 56/100Pick One!

Do you enjoy sending handwritten cards?
Yes, it’s the most personal
No, I don’t have time for that
It depends on my mood and the person

Question: 57/100Pick One!

How long does it take you to respond to a voicemail?
1-2 days
Later during the day
Within 24 hours
As soon as you find free time

Question: 58/100Pick One!

Who are you at a party?
Doing shots at the bar
Eating all the snacks in sight
Mingling and making new friends

Question: 59/100Pick One!

In large parties, what can you usually be found doing?
Interacting with a small group of friends
Mingling around with everyone
Sticking with your best friend
Staying quiet in the corner

Question: 60/100Pick One!

Which of these seasons do you enjoy the most?

Question: 61/100Pick One!

What's the first thing you do in the morning?
Take a shower
Make the bed
Check your phone

Question: 62/100Pick One!

Pick an animal:

Question: 63/100Pick One!

Which of the following businesses would you be interested in managing?
Art Gallery

Question: 64/100Pick One!

Choose a spice:
Chili powder

Question: 65/100Pick One!

If you won an award at work, which of the following would it be?
Creative thinker
Office Leader
The Great Multitasker
Morale booster

Question: 66/100Pick One!

What's your favorite way to eat chocolate?
Hot cocoa
Chocolate cake
Chocolate martini

Question: 67/100Pick One!

What do you think is your most endearing trait?

Question: 68/100Pick One!

Your ideal vacation be in the _____.

Question: 69/100Pick One!

Which of the following do you find most difficult?
Adopting new technology
Trying new things
Speaking in public
Introducing yourself

Question: 70/100Pick One!

What's the best way to spend a day off?
Baking and cooking
Cuddling with your pets or SO
Partying or hanging with friends

Question: 71/100Pick One!

Do you think an interesting book or a video game is better than attending a social event?
Yes, sometimes I need a break from people
Yes, I always like to be learning
No, social events are always more fun
No, but I still enjoy those things on occasion

Question: 72/100Pick One!

Which activity do you prefer?
Reading or writing
Traveling or debating
Partying or shopping
Watching movies or TV

Question: 73/100Pick One!

How do you react in a high pressure situation?
I take charge and start giving out orders
I am able to remain very calm and do what needs to be done
I use logic to find the best solution
I get kind of freaked out

Question: 74/100Pick One!

How do you prefer to celebrate your birthday?
Spending it alone and hoping no one remembers
Throwing a huge party with everyone you know
Catching up on work - no time to take off!
An animated dinner with your closest family and friends

Question: 75/100Pick One!

When making a decision, what do you focus on the most?
What other people want
Perception of the situation

Question: 76/100Pick One!

What does your perfect weekend consist of?
Heading to a coffee shop to catching up on some reading
Going out for drinks and gossipping with your friends
Staying at home and cuddling with your pet
Drinking beers and discussing current affairs with friends

Question: 77/100Pick One!

Which of the following are you most like?

Question: 78/100Pick One!

What career would you prefer?
Event planner

Question: 79/100Pick One!

How thought out are your plans when you travel?
I make a detailed itinerary but it is okay if we don't follow it perfectly
I focus more on making sure the group is having a good time
I like to go with the flow and have fun
I just show up and hope someone else made plans

Question: 80/100Pick One!

What's your usual role in social events?
I start a lot of conversations with friends and strangers
I get nervous and stay quiet most of the time
I buy drinks for everyone and try to liven the mood
I sit in the corner with a couple friends all night

Question: 81/100Pick One!

Do you often feel as though you have to justify yourself to other people?
It depends on the situation
No, they should be able to keep up with my mind
Yes, it is important they understand my feelings
I constantly feel misunderstood

Question: 82/100Pick One!

Which city would you want to live in?
Los Angeles
Kansas City
New Orleans

Question: 83/100Pick One!

Do you ever get so lost in your thoughts that you ignore or forget your surroundings?
I day dream a lot
I'm pretty aware of my surroundings
I am able to stay focused on the present moment
I have a good mix of day dreaming and being present

Question: 84/100Pick One!

If you could attend one of these concerts, you would go see:
The Beatles
Louis Armstrong
Elvis Presley

Question: 85/100Pick One!

Which one of these words best describes you?

Question: 86/100Pick One!

Which of the following upsets you the most?
People not being able to speak their mind
The prohibition of recreational marijuana
The world losing its traditions
Slow internet

Question: 87/100Pick One!

Where is the ideal place for you to go on a date?
The drive in
The speakeasy
The mall
The disco

Question: 88/100Pick One!

If you could watch one of the following movies right now, what would it be?
Back to the Future
The Sound of Music
Rosemary's Baby
Singing' in The Rain

Question: 89/100Pick One!

Which of these artists do you like the best?
Buddy Holly
The Bee Gees
Duke Ellington

Question: 90/100Pick One!

Which of these fashion items do you prefer?
Go-go boots
Disco pants
Pencil skirts
Shoulder pads

Question: 91/100Pick One!

Which of the following costumes would you choose to dress up as this Halloween?
Flower child
Sandy from Grease

Question: 92/100Pick One!

Which is your favorite pastime?
Watching TV
Going to the movies
Listening to music

Question: 93/100Pick One!

What is your ideal first date?
Going to a concert
Going for a walk on the beach
Going to a bar
Going to dinner and a movie

Question: 94/100Pick One!

Pick your favorite print!
Polka dots

Question: 95/100Pick One!

Pick an ideal working place.
In a park on a bench
At a coffee shop
In the library overlooking the city
Front porch overlooking the ocean

Question: 96/100Pick One!

If you had one vice, it would be:
Smoking cigarettes
Smoking weed

Question: 97/100Pick One!

What's your go-to dinner meal?
Cheeseburger and milkshake
TV dinner
Pasta dish

Question: 98/100Pick One!

Pick your fashion icon of the ones listed below:
Jacqueline Kennedy
Farrah Fawcett
Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn

Question: 99/100Pick One!

What kind of music do you listen to?
Rock N' Roll

Question: 100/100Pick One!

Which is your biggest pet peeve about society today?
Too much corruption
Too much technology
Too much discrimination
Too much pollution
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