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 Aug 29, 2018
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Question: 1/25Choose the correct meaning!

Become smaller or lose interest
To steal someone's idea
Lost in translation

Question: 2/25Choose the correct meaning!

A dangerous path
A difficult task
A steep road

Question: 3/25Choose the correct meaning!

Betrayal of trust
Protection from the sun
Of inferior workmanship

Question: 4/25Choose the correct meaning!

To be particular of certain tasks
Lacking originality
Reject people's perspective

Question: 5/25Choose the correct meaning!


Question: 6/25Choose the correct meaning!

Boiling point

Question: 7/25Choose the correct meaning!


Question: 8/25Choose the correct meaning!

Grow a plant
Push against gently
Showcase possession or talent

Question: 9/25Choose the correct meaning!

Someone who expects the best
Someone who is realistic
Someone who expects the worst

Question: 10/25Choose the correct meaning!

Chewing rapidly
Multiple sneezes usually caused by allergens
Avoid or stay away

Question: 11/25Choose the correct meaning!

The distinctive spirit of a culture
Demoralizing nature
Set of rules and guidelines

Question: 12/25Choose the correct meaning!

Formal agreement as to terms of a debt
Fake set of teeth
Cause pain and suffering

Question: 13/25Choose the correct meaning!

Withdraw one's support
Trapped in a container
Lengthen time

Question: 14/25Choose the correct meaning!

To become separated
Honor one's word
Welcome change

Question: 15/25Choose the correct meaning!

Sneaking around
Frightening nature
Openly distrustful

Question: 16/25Choose the correct meaning!

Uphold status quo
Deregulate policy and procedure
Assign to a lower position

Question: 17/25Choose the correct meaning!

Set securely
Put to rest
To extract

Question: 18/25Choose the correct meaning!

To outgrow a clothing item
Cause to lose one's composure
To suppress discomfort

Question: 19/25Choose the correct meaning!

To use to your advantage
Trait of being honest or frank
To entrap someone

Question: 20/25Choose the correct meaning!

Extremely bad
Orderly fashion

Question: 21/25Choose the correct meaning!

Defined rules of attraction
A jumble of words
Existing purely in the mind

Question: 22/25Choose the correct meaning!

Fear of strangers or foreigners
Fear of shadows
Fear of oneself

Question: 23/25Choose the correct meaning!

A wine expert
A novice at any field
Someone optimistic and cheerful

Question: 24/25Choose the correct meaning!

To exaggerate a series of events
Take without referencing from someone's writing or speech
To provide a quote from a famous author

Question: 25/25Choose the correct meaning!

A standard or example
A shift in thinking
Opposing view
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