Georgia Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

Do you know Georgia like a local?

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 Feb 29, 2020
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Question: 1/18Pick Your Answer!

If you're meeting friends in the "Big Peach", what should you input in your GPS?

Question: 2/18Pick Your Answer!

If you're at a UGA game, you bet you'll be:
"Jumping the Frogs"
"Calling the Dawgs”
"Walking the Cats"

Question: 3/18Pick Your Answer!

What in the world is "Okefenokee"?
A swamp
A mountain
A town

Question: 4/18Pick Your Answer!

After whom is Georgia named?
George Washington
George Orwell
King George II of England

Question: 5/18Pick Your Answer!

"Well aren't you looking all gussied up!" translates to:
You look sad
You look disheveled
You look fancy

Question: 6/18Pick Your Answer!

If you're hanging out at "River Street", where are you?
Downtown Athens
Downtown Savannah
Downtown Macon

Question: 7/18Pick Your Answer!

Which of the following is NOT a sports team in Georgia?
The Lions
The Falcons
The Braves

Question: 8/18Pick Your Answer!

The Midwest calls it "pop," but here in the South, a carbonated beverage is a _________.
Soda pop

Question: 9/18Pick Your Answer!

What is the nickname for the Buckhead district?
The Big Apple of the South
The Beverly Hills of the South
The Las Vegas of the South

Question: 10/18Pick Your Answer!

If your neighbors are "catching that dirt" that means they are _____.

Question: 11/18Pick Your Answer!

"The marsh" sometimes smells like what?

Question: 12/18Pick Your Answer!

If someone tells you to "quit being ugly" you are probably being _____.

Question: 13/18Pick Your Answer!

"Fixin' to" means that you are _____.
Starting to feel tired
Making some sweet tea
Getting ready to do something

Question: 14/18Pick Your Answer!

If your sister is taking her sweet time, she is being "slow as _____."

Question: 15/18Pick Your Answer!

What Southern chain is similar to White Castle, but even better?
Jack In The Box

Question: 16/18Pick Your Answer!

It's not just the heat that makes summer unbearably hot, it's also the:

Question: 17/18Pick Your Answer!

Sure french fries and onion rings are good, but here in the South ________ are menu staples!
Fried okra and fried tomatoes
Fries cherries and fried corn
Fried carrots and fried tomatoes

Question: 18/18Pick Your Answer!

Why would anyone ever want to leave the ______ State? It's just the best!
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Bless your heart if you think a Yankee will be able to pass this ultimate Georgia challenge! Only a true Southern Belle from the Peach State will be able to pass this test with flying colors without cheating. Do you think you're really Southern enough to get a perfect score on this tricky Georgia quiz? Do you actually speak enough Southern lingo to understand all the various terms in this trivia test? Do you find yourself constantly saying phrases like "bless your heart", "that dog won't hunt", "fixin' to", "it doesn't amount to a hill of beans", "it's blowin' up a storm", "over yonder", and "'til the cows come home"? Are you obsessed with Deep South home cookin'? Can you cook delicious cornbread cake, fried chicken, grits, and collard greens? Do you make a mean peach cobbler? Are you sure there's no such thing as drinking too much sweet tea? Do you know that coke isn't just one brand of soda? Can you tell the difference between all the Peachtree streets? Do you know what a real pecan pie really tastes like? Do you exude Southern hospitality? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then we think you have what it takes to make it to the end of this quiz. Then make your mama proud now by answering all of these Southern slang questions! So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and prove you're a total Georgia Peach through and through! Good luck!