Quiz: Only A Head Nurse Can Get 100% On This Tricky Medical Quiz. Can You?

Could you survive the medical field as a nurse?

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 Jun 24, 2020
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Question: 1/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

What does 'cardi' refer to?

Question: 2/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

The _____ helps filter and add moisture to any air that is inhaled through the nasal passages.

Question: 3/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

What is the main purpose of red blood cells?
They fight infection
They carry oxygen around the body
They break down alcohol

Question: 4/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

The nervous system ______.
carries oxygen throughout the body
makes you shiver when you are nervous
transmits signals across the body

Question: 5/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

Contusions is a medical term for:

Question: 6/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

What type of cancer is melanoma?

Question: 7/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

What happens if you have amnesia?
You lose your memory
You can't swallow
Your appendix doesn't function

Question: 8/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

Which of these processes is a part of CPR?
Chest compressions
Abdominal thrusts
Tracing pulse

Question: 9/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

The top layer of the skin is known as __________.

Question: 10/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

When is the Heimlich manoeuvre used?
When a person's airways are blocked
When a person has turned comatose
When a person's heart has stopped beating

Question: 11/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

When delivering a baby, which part of the newborn needs to be supported first?

Question: 12/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

Where should you inject someone with an EpiPen?
Butt cheek

Question: 13/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

If a doctor tells you to prepare a suture kit, what should you bring them?
Needle and thread
Gauze and tape
Hydrogen peroxide and vaseline

Question: 14/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

Humans can't live without which of the following?

Question: 15/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

BPM stands for ______.
Bi-Polar Medication
Beats per minute
Boiling point microwave

Question: 16/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

The prefixes "hemo" and "hema" both stand for ____.

Question: 17/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

Dialysis is a treatment for your ___.

Question: 18/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

Nurses wear clothing known as _______.
hazmat suits

Question: 19/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

A nurse who works with babies is known as what?
oncology nurse
forensic nurse
neonatal nurse

Question: 20/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is NOT a blood type?
O positive
AB negative
C negative

Question: 21/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

Which of these is the most contagious?
Heart disease

Question: 22/22STAT! Pick the correct answer!

What is the most common symptom of dementia?
Sore bones
Memory loss
Increase in appetite
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