Illinois Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Do You Know?

Do you Illi-know it?

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 Mar 10, 2020
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Question: 1/20Pick Your Answer!

Seriously, saying Illinois any way other than ______ is like nails on a chalkboard! You gotta say it right!

Question: 2/20Pick Your Answer!

If someone mentions "The Lake," they're probably talking about _____.
Lake Michigan
Lake Erie
Lake Superior

Question: 3/20Pick Your Answer!

Illinois (and Chicago) is only ever going to be known for one type of pizza... ________.
Stuffed Crust
Thin Crust
Deep dish

Question: 4/20Pick Your Answer!

If you roadtrip into Wisconsin, you might get called which of these acronyms?
BIF. Wisconsinites think they're sooo funny!
FIB. Wisconsinites think they're sooo funny!
FBI. Wisconsinites think they're sooo funny!

Question: 5/20Pick Your Answer!

Of course I know that Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi are the _________!
Groovy Guys
Music Men
Blues Brothers

Question: 6/20Pick Your Answer!

Swing, batter, batter! Which of the following is NOT an Illinois baseball team?
The White Sox
The Cubs
The Brewers

Question: 7/20Pick Your Answer!

Tips, links, and fries can only mean one thing in Illinois: _____.

Question: 8/20Pick Your Answer!

Don't underestimate the chilling _____ Effect during the cold Illinois winter!

Question: 9/20Pick Your Answer!

When it comes to football, only one team has your heart: _____.

Question: 10/20Pick Your Answer!

Which condiment are you LEAST likely to find being served on a hotdog in Chicago?

Question: 11/20Pick Your Answer!

In Northern Illinois, "the city" means Chicago, but in Southern Illinois, it actually means:
St. Louis

Question: 12/20Pick Your Answer!

Everyone knows you can "get your kicks on _____"!
Highway 36
Road 26
Route 66

Question: 13/20Pick Your Answer!

Illinois loves to lay claim to _______. He wasn't born here, but he DID grow up here.
James A. Garfield
Abraham Lincoln
Gerald Ford

Question: 14/20Pick Your Answer!

In fact, there's even a statue in Springfield and it's good luck to rub his:

Question: 15/20Pick Your Answer!

You probably have fond childhood memories of days spent at _____.
Six Flags
Oceans of Fun

Question: 16/20Pick Your Answer!

No one will question you if you say you got in traffic behind a ______. It happens!!
Golf Cart

Question: 17/20Pick Your Answer!

A tailgate or barbecue just isn't as fun if there's not a game of:
Cornhole or bags!
Ultimate Frisbee

Question: 18/20Pick Your Answer!

If someone asks if you'd like a "horseshoe," what are they offering you?
A horse
A sandwich
Literally a horseshoe

Question: 19/20Pick Your Answer!

THE BEST Italian beef sandwiches, hot dogs, and chocolate cake shakes in the world can all be enjoyed at the famous _____.

Question: 20/20Pick Your Answer!

Everyone knows Illinois is the Land of _____. And you sure do love this land!
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