Quiz: Do You Know the Meaning of These 22 Medical Terms? 90% Fail

Choose the correct definition. STAT!

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 Jun 19, 2018
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Question: 1/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

When someone is drunk
A term that defines saving someone's life
The insertion of a tube to allow a bag or machine to breathe for a patient

Question: 2/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Crash Cart
A trolley of sweets
Surgery of a person's legs
A cart that has medical equipment to use in emergency resuscitations

Question: 3/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

A hat for surgeons
A surgical specialty
A small and extremely sharp knife for surgery

Question: 4/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Code Pink
Hospital code for an infant/child abduction
Hospital code for a bomb
Hospital code for Bailey tripping over

Question: 5/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Outstanding Critical Development
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Question: 6/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

A new discovery in medicine
Infants in the first 28 days of birth. Also premature infants.
10 days after a heart transplant

Question: 7/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

John/Jane Doe
Universally known name for a deaf person
A name for someone's organs
Used to describe a patient whose identity is unknown

Question: 8/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Innocent's Critical Unit
Intensive Care Unit
Infection Circulatory Urine

Question: 9/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Low blood pressure
A patient's visitor
A doctor who has completed residency and practices medicine

Question: 10/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Do Not Rollover
Do Not Run
Do Not Resuscitate

Question: 11/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

A growth hormone
When a baby cries
Anesthesia for any particular region of the body

Question: 12/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Meredith's favorite show
Emergency Room
Estimate The Time

Question: 13/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

A blood clot
High blood pressure
Drop in body's core temperature, usually from exposure to cold air or water

Question: 14/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Organ Harvest
Growing organs in cows for human usage
A surgical procedure where major organs are removed from a donor
Buying organs for the hospital's animals

Question: 15/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Umbrella Tube Infection
Upchuck Tuna Illusion
Urinary Tract Infection

Question: 16/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

A type of hormone
Imaging technique that helps visualize the structure/function of the body
A growing tumor

Question: 17/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Code Black
Hospital code for a dying patient
Hospital code for a cute dog in the building
Hospital code for a bomb in the hospital

Question: 18/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Instrument to check temperature
Instrument to look inside mouth
Instrument to listen to heartbeat

Question: 19/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Allergic reaction
Painful blisters

Question: 20/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Non deadly

Question: 21/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Inability to stay awake
Inability to possess normal emotions
Inability to reproduce

Question: 22/22Choose the correct definition. STAT!

Memory loss
Inability to sleep
Increased appetite
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