Seriously, Only A Local Can Translate All These Michigan Lingo! Can You?

Get outta here, Fudgies!

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 Jun 01, 2021
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Question: 1/18Pick Your Answer!

First things first, you can tell a local from a tourist just from the way they say Mackinac. It's:

Question: 2/18Pick Your Answer!

Because they live under the Mackinaw Bridge, Lower Peninsula residents are sometimes called _____.
Trolls! Ha ha
Gremlins! Ha ha
Dwellers! Ha ha

Question: 3/18Pick Your Answer!

Don't worry though, Upper Peninsula dwellers have a nickname too! They're total:

Question: 4/18Pick Your Answer!

But Upper and Lower Peninsula Michiganders alike are both fluent in Yooper English, also known as:

Question: 5/18Pick Your Answer!

Whoa there, before you go to the doctor, you have to at least try a glass of ______! It just might cure you.
Apple Cider Vinegar

Question: 6/18Pick Your Answer!

Only one president has been from Michigan. Who is he?
Gerald Ford
Harry S. Truman
John F. Kennedy

Question: 7/18Pick Your Answer!

But if you left your "chook" at home, your ____ will totally be freezing!

Question: 8/18Pick Your Answer!

If your friend tells you he's going to the "U.P.", where is he actually going?
The United Plaza
The U.S. Post Office
The Upper Peninsula

Question: 9/18Pick Your Answer!

One of the best comfort foods known to man is the "pasty", but what exactly is that?
A grilled cheese sandwich with Swiss cheese and mushrooms
A pastry filled with beef, potatoes, and rutabaga
A dumpling filled with pork and veggies

Question: 10/18Pick Your Answer!

If you get pulled over for doing a "Michigan Left" while driving, what did you really just do?
Make an illegal left turn
Make a U-Turn
Run a red light

Question: 11/18Pick Your Answer!

Oh no, we're not spending the summer on Lake Michigan, we're going all the way up to the biggest Great Lake...
Lake Superior!
Lake Huron!
Lake Erie!

Question: 12/18Pick Your Answer!

Some people call Michigan the Wolverine State, but which group of Michiganders find that totally unacceptable?
University of Michigan fans
Michigan State fans
Grand Valley State fans

Question: 13/18Pick Your Answer!

But all Michigan University fans can agree that they hate which out-of-state university?
University of Nebraska. Blech!
Ohio State! Hurts to even say it.
University of Iowa. Ugh!

Question: 14/18Pick Your Answer!

Which is the grocery store of choice in Michigan?

Question: 15/18Pick Your Answer!

If you meet some fellow Michiganders on vacation, you can totally tell them what area of Michigan you live in with your:
Arm! ...If you live in the Upper Peninsula.
State Map! ...Every Michigander carries one around.
Hand! ...If you live in the Lower Peninsula.

Question: 16/18Pick Your Answer!

But if you see a tourist while you're at home in Michigan, you'd totally call them a:

Question: 17/18Pick Your Answer!

Any Michigan foodie knows you order a Coney dog with what toppings?
Chili sauce, mustard, and onion
Barbecue sauce, mayo, and bacon
Ketchup, mustard, and relish

Question: 18/18Pick Your Answer!

Michigan might just be too cold for some people... but you'll always manage through it because you love the _______ way too much to ever leave!
Great Lake State
Show Me State
Badger State
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Only a certified Michigan local will pass this quiz with flying colors. Do you think you have what it takes to be considered a true Michigander through and through? Do you know everything there is to know about living up north? Have you even heard of the Yoopers in the Upper Peninsula before? Have you ever hunted for deer, gone skiing down a mountain with fresh powder, or visited Ann Arbor on a weekend during the summertime? Do you believe that life is better by the lake? Do you bleed blue and gold like everyone who attends the U of M? Have you ever used your hand to demonstrate to someone where you live? Are you a proud resident of the wild and wonderful Wolverine State? If you've got serious love and plenty of pride for the Great Lakes State (as you obviously should!), then you should have no problem acing this ultimate MI challenge. So what are you waiting for? Step right up and hit the play button now to take this tricky Michigan trivia test... we know you've got it in you to get a perfect score! All you have to do is answer an assortment of Michigan related questions to the best of your ability and let us do the rest of the work. We'll determine if you can call yourself a true MI local just yet! If you're ready to challenge yourself and put your state pride to the test, take this state quiz now. Good luck!