No, It’s Not Nonsense, It’s New Mexico Slang! How Much Do YOU Know?

Are you a New Mexico novice or expert?

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 Oct 12, 2019
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Question: 1/19Pick Your Answer!

New Mexico is home to the largest _____ festival in the world!
live music
hot air ballon

Question: 2/19Pick Your Answer!

Which New Mexico region is famous for a reported UFO crash?
Area 51

Question: 3/19Pick Your Answer!

New Mexico drivers sometimes have to be on the lookout for which of these annoying items blowing across the highway?

Question: 4/19Pick Your Answer!

Which of these delicious New Mexico dishes is made from chunks of pork marinated in red Chile sauce?
Carne adovada

Question: 5/19Pick Your Answer!

Yeah that's right, ______ is actually from New Mexico!
Yogi Bear
Smokey Bear
Pooh Bear

Question: 6/19Pick Your Answer!

If you’re going exploring in Carlsbad, what are you most likely looking at?

Question: 7/19Pick Your Answer!

Despite it’s name, White Sands National Monument is a desert, not of sand, but of gleaming white _____.

Question: 8/19Pick Your Answer!

Fun fact! New Mexico actually has more _____ than it does people.

Question: 9/19Pick Your Answer!

New Mexico is called one of the _____ states, along with Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.
Bible Belt
Four Corner

Question: 10/19Pick Your Answer!

What in the world is “yucca”?
A plant
A pepper
A bird

Question: 11/19Pick Your Answer!

The New Mexican word _____ is used to describe a group of people, a town, or an architectural style.

Question: 12/19Pick Your Answer!

Tourists love to load up on iconic _____ jewelry.

Question: 13/19Pick Your Answer!

Yum, Bizcochitos are made with ________!
Anise and cinnamon
Nutmeg and allspice
Lemon and pepper

Question: 14/19Pick Your Answer!

Why were the words "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" most famously uttered in New Mexico by J. Robert Oppenheimer?
The plague first started there
The atomic bomb was first detonated there
The chemical Agent Orange was invented there

Question: 15/19Pick Your Answer!

What does the Zia symbol represent on the New Mexican flag?
A cactus
The sun
The moon

Question: 16/19Pick Your Answer!

The fact that popular TV show ________ was filmed in New Mexico has drawn many tourists over the years.
The Sopranos
True Detective
Breaking Bad

Question: 17/19Pick Your Answer!

Do you know how to correctly spell New Mexico’s largest city?

Question: 18/19Pick Your Answer!

Which of these is NOT a real New Mexico city?
Truth or Consequences
Elephant Butte
Burnt Porcupine

Question: 19/19Pick Your Answer!

Leave the Land of ______? No way! I love New Mexico way too much.
White Sands
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