North Carolina Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

Can you walk the walk and talk the (North Carolina) talk?

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 Feb 13, 2020
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Question: 1/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Which of these "satanic" mascots reigns supreme in Durham, NC?
You mean the Dark Devils!
Oh, that's the Blue Devils!
Those Sun Devils are the best!

Question: 2/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Sure, technically it's called U.S. Highway 15-501, but around here everyone just knows it as:
Sweet Tea Road
Tobacco Road
Whiskey Road

Question: 3/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Take it in Leaf Peepers, there's really nothing like the _______ come fall time.
Merritt Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway
PCH Parkway

Question: 4/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

If you're really from North Carolina, then you ought to know which of these donut shops got its start in the state?
Dunkin' Donuts
Randy's Donuts
Krispy Kreme

Question: 5/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Yeah that's right, one of the greatest basketball players ever is from North Carolina - _______, number 23, and we're never going to let you forget it!
Lebron James
Shaquille O'Neal
Michael Jordan

Question: 6/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Any North Carolina native knows _____ are best when they're fried and green!

Question: 7/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Everyone knows you have to drink your tea _____ and ______!
Hot; tangy
Cold; sweet
Warm; with agave

Question: 8/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Around here, everyone has a go-to ______ order at Cook Out, so good!
French fry

Question: 9/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

You could tell a tourist from a local just by how they say "Appalachian." How's it really pronounced?

Question: 10/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

A true North Caroline hot dog comes with which of these toppings?
Onion, bacon, pickles, and peppers
Ketchup, mustard, onion, and relish
Onion, mustard, coleslaw, and chili

Question: 11/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

What in the world is the Southern delicacy known as "souse"?
A mash made with grits and cheese
A cocktail made with tomato juice
A cold cut made with pigs head

Question: 12/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Hate to break it to you, but which of these "alcoholic" beverages is popular, but NOT alcoholic?
Moscow Mules
Whiskey Sours

Question: 13/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

What's the name of UNC's beloved mascot?

Question: 14/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Which of the following ingredients NEVER belongs in "succotash"?
Lima beans

Question: 15/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Around here, you'd better forget Dunkin' Donuts! It's all about:
Sidecar Donuts (so tasty!)
Krispy Kreme (c'mon, it started here!)
North Carolina Donuts (the best!)

Question: 16/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Hungry for a snack? North Carolina locals totally like to munch on "goober peas," which are tasty _____.
Black-eyed peas
Boiled peanuts

Question: 17/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Not to sound childish, but can you complete this phrase? "Duke is puke! Wake is fake! But NC State is the one we _______!"

Question: 18/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

TOUCHDOWN! Who's your football team?
The Lions
The Bengals
The Panthers

Question: 19/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

"Oh you're going to Bojangles? Please, get some chicken and ______!"

Question: 20/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Which of the following prestigious universities calls North Carolina home?

Question: 21/21Take Your Pick, Y'all!

Man, you've got some serious pride for the _____ State, and it's clear to see why!
Tar Heel
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