No, It’s Not Gibberish - It’s Oklahoma Speak! How Much Do You Know?

Only Okies Allowed!

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 Jun 23, 2019
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Question: 1/20Choose the correct answer!

If you're a "Sooner" what school do you attend?
University of Central Oklahoma

Question: 2/20Choose the correct answer!

"We need way too many groceries to just carry them, can you grab a _____?"

Question: 3/20Choose the correct answer!

This fast food joint's pretty popular around here and has an orange W on it's logo. What is it?
William B's Southern Chicken

Question: 4/20Choose the correct answer!

When would someone say "preciate it"?
When they're grateful
When they're confused
When they're irritated

Question: 5/20Choose the correct answer!

One person is "you," two or more is ______!
Youse guys

Question: 6/20Choose the correct answer!

If you're "fixin' ta..." you are:
Saying goodbye
Prepping a big meal
Getting ready to do something

Question: 7/20Choose the correct answer!

Which lake can you go to between TX and OK to fish striped bass?
Keystone Lake
Lake Texoma
Eufaula Lake

Question: 8/20Choose the correct answer!

How do you pronounce "coyote" ?

Question: 9/20Choose the correct answer!

Despite being landlocked, you can see a _______ off Route 66.
purple shark
blue whale
pink turtle

Question: 10/20Choose the correct answer!

If someone says "y'unt to go shopping" what do they mean?
My aunt is going shopping.
You shouldn't go shopping.
Do you want to go shopping?

Question: 11/20Choose the correct answer!

If you are noodling, you are:
Making Pasta
Hand fishing for catfish

Question: 12/20Choose the correct answer!

On summer nights, there are sure to be "skeeters" out. What is this?
A nickname for the moon

Question: 13/20Choose the correct answer!

Which country singer is from Yukon, Oklahoma?
Luke Bryan
Garth Brooks
Tim McGraw

Question: 14/20Choose the correct answer!

Tornadoes are a little scary, but I've seen lots of these ______ in my day!

Question: 15/20Choose the correct answer!

In OK, what are you actually in possession of when you're "packing"?
A bag of candy
A gun
A suitcase

Question: 16/20Choose the correct answer!

Where do you go to get cheese curds and funnel cakes?
The local barbecue joint
Your grandma's house
The state fair

Question: 17/20Choose the correct answer!

If someone's "going into the city," odds are they're going to:
Oklahoma City
Ponca City

Question: 18/20Choose the correct answer!

What is another name for a refrigerator?
Ice box
Chill cube
Cold machine

Question: 19/20Choose the correct answer!

No one makes ______ like Oklahoma does. No one!
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Chicken fried steak
American Chop Suey

Question: 20/20Choose the correct answer!

No natter what anyone might say you know that no other place comes close to beating the ____ State!
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Calling all Oklahoma natives, enthusiasts, locals, tourists, and visitors. Here's your perfect opportunity to prove just how much it is that you know about the Sooner State by ACING this twenty four question tricky quiz. That's right, if you can get all twenty four questions right, then you can prove just how much you care for and know about Oklahoma. Not everyone can do it. Some can only pass and others might even fail. When it comes to Oklahoma, there's a whole lot of slang, trivia, lingo, pronunciation tricks and information that only a local could possible know. Do you know about buggies, skeeters, ice boxes, and Whataburger? How about Lake Texoma, the blue whale, twisters, and Sonic? Noodling, hunting, and phrases like "yall"?

If any of that sounded unfamiliar, you might just want to proceed with caution. Because you just might not be a true Oklahoma local. It's okay if you're not. Not everyone can be! After all, only about four million people call Oklahoma home! If you're not one of those lucky four million people, you can still find a quiz that is perfectly tailored to your home state or city, whatever that may be. Seriously, has quizzes for all fifty states and then cities and regions too. There's nothing like bonding with fellow locals or transplants over that state or city you love so much. And if you've already taken and aced a quiz on your home state, you can still go ahead and take a quiz on a subject like spelling, grammar or vocabulary. These two minute quizzes are the perfect break from your busy day! So go ahead and enjoy the quiz. Good luck!