Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Trump Supporters Can Pass This Test . . . Can You?

Do you want to "Make America Great Again"?

 Oct 25, 2016
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Question: 1/16Pick the correct answer!

Who did Trump say will pay for the wall he wants to build?

Question: 2/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Trump's stance on guns?
Guns should be banned across the board
People have a Second Amendment Right to own a gun
Guns should be illegal for civillians

Question: 3/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Trump's stance on abortion?
Pro Choice across the board
Pro Life and there needs to be some form of punishment

Question: 4/16Pick the correct answer!

Trump studied business at __________.
the University of Pennsylvania
the University of Chicago
Stanford University

Question: 5/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Trump's stance on capital punishment?

Question: 6/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Trump's stance on health care reform?
Move to a universal health care system
Repeal Obamacare and implement a free-market plan
Expand Obamacare

Question: 7/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Trump's stance on man-made climate change?
He denies it.
He is undecided
He believes it.

Question: 8/16Pick the correct answer!

Trump was the host of what popular reality TV show?
The Apprentice
The Real World

Question: 9/16Pick the correct answer!

Trump's first, and perhaps most well known, book is entitled __________.
The Life of Trump
Forrest Trump
The Art of the Deal

Question: 10/16Pick the correct answer!

Where was Trump born?
Lake Forrest, Illinois
Queens, New York
Memphis, Tennessee

Question: 11/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Trump's stance on the federal tax rate?
Decrease it.
Increase it.

Question: 12/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Trump's stance on fracking?

Question: 13/16Pick the correct answer!

Before becoming the 2016 presidential nominee, Donald Trump worked as a __________.
police officer

Question: 14/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign slogan?
You're Fired!
Make America Great Again!
In Trump We Trust!

Question: 15/16Pick the correct answer!

Donald Trump's running mate in the 2016 Presidential election is __________.
Dick Cheney
Mike Pence
George W. Bush

Question: 16/16Pick the correct answer!

Who did not run against Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary?
Dick Cheney
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
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