Quiz: Can You Name All Of These '00 Movies From Just A Screenshot?

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sandra bullock, The Blind Side, Southern, christian, catholic, South, cross, liz
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 Oct 17, 2019
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Question: 1/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, 2000, Gladiator, movies
There Will Be Blood
The Dark Knight

Question: 2/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

2000s movies, movies, The Departed
Warner Bros.
Inglorious Basterds
The Departed

Question: 3/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

2000s movies, movies, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Focus Features
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Pan's Labryinth
O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Question: 4/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

cast away, 2000s movies, movies
20th Century Fox
Cast Away
Hotel Rwanda

Question: 5/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

Christian Bale, 2005, Batman Begins, movies
Warner Bros.
Fight Club
Batman Begins

Question: 6/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

gangs of new york, 2000s movies, movies
Miramax Films
Gangs of New York
In Bruges
Road to Perdition

Question: 7/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

2000s movies, movies, signs
Buena Vista Pictures
Shaun of the Dead
Star Trek

Question: 8/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

little miss sunshine, 2000s movies, movies
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Little Miss Sunshine
The Royal Tenenbaums

Question: 9/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

2000s movies, movies, The Bourne Identity
Universal Pictures
The Bourne Identity
Iron Man

Question: 10/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

2000s movies, movies, The Blind Side
Warner Bros. Pictures
The Blind Side
Spirited Away

Question: 11/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

the hangover, 2000s movies, movies
Warner Bros. Pictures
The 40-Year Old Virgin
The Hangover

Question: 12/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

2000s movies, movies, Mulholland Drive
Universal Pictures
Mulholland Drive
District 9

Question: 13/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

minority report, 2000s movies, movies
20th Century Fox
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Minority Report

Question: 14/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

2000s movies, movies, Donnie Darko
Flower Films
Donnie Darko
Children of Men
Training Day

Question: 15/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

movies, Disney, Remember The Titans, opening scene
Walt Disney Studios
Remember the Titans
Inside Man
The Wrestler

Question: 16/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

almost famous, 2000s movies, movies
DreamWorks Pictures
The White Ribbon
Brokeback Mountain
Almost Famous

Question: 17/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

catch me if you can, 2000s movies, movies
DreamWorks Pictures
Catch Me If You Can
Let the Right One In
The Aviator

Question: 18/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

johnny depp, 2001, blow, movies
New Line Cinema
Eastern Promises
28 Days Later

Question: 19/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

Erin Brockovich, 2000s movies, movies
Universal Pictures
Erin Brockovich
The Reader

Question: 20/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

Miramax Films
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Batman Begins
Kill Bill

Question: 21/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

sean penn, kevin bacon, 2003, mystic river, movies
Warner Bros.
Mystic River
There Will Be Blood

Question: 22/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

Million Dollar Baby
Warner Bros. Pictures
Gran Torino
Mystic River
Million Dollar Baby

Question: 23/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

natalie portman, 2006, V for Vendetta, movies
Warner Bros.
The Prestige
V for Vendetta
Almost Famous

Question: 24/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

Robert Downey Jr., 2008, iron man, movies
Paramount Pictures
Batman Begins
Iron Man
Requiem for a Dream

Question: 25/25Name The ‘00s Movie:

big fish
Big Fish via Columbia Pictures
Big Fish
No Country for Old Men
The Departed
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If you're a lover of movies, then we have no doubt in our minds that you recall the early 2000s as some of the best years ever for cinema. The first 10 years of 2000 brought us countless classic movies that will surely prove to be timeless as the decades go by. Who doesn't love hilarious comedies like The Hangover and Mean Girls, exciting thrillers like Taken and The Departed, or dramatic movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Remember the Titans? These are just some of the movies you will be quizzes on during this movie test. Are you ready for it? The early 2000s didn't happen that long ago, but that doesn't mean we won't be able to fool you on at least a few of these films. We're not just going to ask you about the most obvious and beloved films from this decade. We're also going to ask you about some of the lesser known movies that came out during this time period like The Prestige, Memento, Stranger than Fiction, Mulholland Drive, Donnie Darko, Blow, and Almost Famous. Do any of these movie titles also ring a bell? If you truly can recall all of these films, then you have a really good chance at getting a perfect score on this test on the first try. So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and prove that you're the ultimate 2000s movie buff. We know you have it in you to get the top score!