Quiz: How Many Of These 1980s Female Icons Can You Name?

Think you remember all these retro ladies?

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 Jul 12, 2019
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Question: 1/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Who's That Girl?, madonna, 80s, 80s female icon
Warner Bros.
Jane Fonda
Sheena Easton

Question: 2/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Annie Lennox, 80s, 80s female icon
Annie Lennox via Youtube
Annie Lennox
Kim Fields
Sinead O'Connor

Question: 3/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Whitney Houston, 80s, 80s female icon
Whitney Houston via YouTube
Whitney Houston
Phylicia Rashad
Janet Jackson

Question: 4/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Pretty in Pink, molly ringwald, 80s, 80s female icon
Paramount Pictures
Ally Sheedy
Molly Ringwald
Sigourney Weaver

Question: 5/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

cyndi lauper, 80s, 80s female icon
Cyndi Lauper via YouTube
Meg Ryan
Olivia Newton-John
Cyndi Lauper

Question: 6/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

belinda carlisle, 80s, 80s female icon
Belinda Carlisle via YouTube
Belinda Carlisle
Shirley MacLaine
Susannah Hoffs

Question: 7/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Body Heat, Kathleen Turner, 80s, 80s female icon
Warner Bros.
Elisabeth Shue
Meryl Streep
Kathleen Turner

Question: 8/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

oprah, Oprah Winfrey, 80s, 80s female icon
Phylicia Rashad
Oprah Winfrey
Grace Jones

Question: 9/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

pat benatar, 80s, 80s female icon
Pat Benatar via YouTube
Sheila E.
Judith Light
Pat Benatar

Question: 10/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

blondie, debbie harry, 80s, 80s female icon
Blondie via YouTube
Gloria Swanson
Debbie Gibson
Debbie Harry

Question: 11/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Wall Street, Daryl Hannah, 80s, 80s female icon
20th Century Fox
Lea Thompson
Tawny Kitaen
Daryl Hannah

Question: 12/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

T. J. Hooker, heather locklear, 80s, 80s female icon
Heather Locklear
Katey Sagal
Courtney Thorne-Smith

Question: 13/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

star wars, carrie fisher, 80s, 80s female icon
Lucasfilm Ltd.
Meredith Baxter-Birney
Meg Ryan
Carrie Fisher

Question: 14/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

ferris bueller's day off, mia sara, 80s, 80s female icon
Paramount Pictures
Linda Hamilton
Joan Collins
Mia Sara

Question: 15/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Janet Jackson, 80s, 80s female icon
Janet Jackson via YouTube
Paula Abdul
Lisa Bonet
Janet Jackson

Question: 16/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

ferris bueller's day off, Jennifer Grey, 80s, 80s female icon
Paramount Pictures
Mindy Sterling
Jennifer Grey
Molly Ringwald

Question: 17/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

the blue lagoon, brooke shields, 80s, 80s female icon
Columbia Pictures
Brooke Shields
Jodie Foster
Annie Potts

Question: 18/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Dallas, Morgan Fairchild, 80s, 80s female icon
Terri Garr
Morgan Fairchild
Heather Locklear

Question: 19/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

joan jett, 80s, 80s female icon
Joan Jett via YouTube
Kelly McGillis
Joan Jett
Pat Benatar

Question: 20/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

back to the future, Lea Thompson, 80s, 80s female icon
Universal Pictures
Shelley Duvall
Lea Thompson
Elisabeth Shue

Question: 21/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

St. Elmo's Fire, Demi Moore, 80s, 80s female icon
Columbia Pictures
Demi Moore
Hope Davis
Linda Hamilton

Question: 22/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Bonnie Tyler, 80s, 80s female icon
Bonnie Tyler via YouTube
Kelly Le Brock
Bonnie Tyler

Question: 23/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan, 80s, 80s female icon
Columbia Pictures
Phoebe Cates
Jennifer Grey
Meg Ryan

Question: 24/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

The Terminator, Linda Hamilton, 80s, 80s female icon
Orion Pictures
Linda Hamilton
Kim Basinger
Geena Davis

Question: 25/25Name The 80s Female Icon!

Paula Abdul, 80s, 80s female icon
Paula Abdul via YouTube
Paula Abdul
Tina Turner
Jennifer Beals
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Raise your hand if you think the 80s was the best decade of all time! We thought so... The 1980s was truly a time of excess, color, and attitude, and this was seen in the women who became popular during this time period. When they sang or acted, these pop culture icons cemented themselves as the personification of the 1980s. From the big shoulder pads to even bigger hair, do you really remember what each and every single one of these 80s female icons looks like? Spandex, bright colors, and perms were all the rage. The 80s were truly the best of times and the worst of times. While some of us might look back and question some of the hair, makeup, and fashion choices these leading ladies of the 80s made, there is no denying that the best of them measure up perfectly well against the icons of any decade. The 80s saw the rise of the swimsuit model, and with the onset of MTV, a talented singer could score a hit or even maintain a career off of one song alone. Teen movies flourished thanks to John Hughes and his Brat Pack. Cable TV came to American households in a big way, with lots of beautiful and memorable women in starring roles. Whether it was Molly Ringwald making a splash in Pretty in Pink or Madonna ruling the music charts, ladies who made a name for themselves during those 10 years were something special. Do you really remember all of them? Let's find out!