Quiz: How Impressive Is Your Musical Movie Knowledge?

Are you a master of musicals?

Musicals Quiz
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 Jan 23, 2021
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Question: 1/25Name The Musical:

musical trivia, movies, South Pacific
Twentieth Century-Fox
South Pacific
The King and I
Guys and Dolls

Question: 2/25Finish the lyrics to “Get Me to the Church on Time” My Fair Lady!

"I'm getting married in the morning, ding dong, the bells are gonna _____"

Question: 3/25Pick Your Answer!

In "Singin in the Rain," what role is Kathy hired to work as on the film The Dueling Cavalier?
As a costume designers
As a producer
As a voice actress

Question: 4/25Name The Musical!

musical trivia, movies, Oklahoma!
RKO Radio Pictures

Question: 5/25Finish the lyrics to “Summer Nights” from Grease!

"Summer loving happened so fast, I met a girl crazy for me, met a boy, _____ as can be"

Question: 6/25Pick Your Answer!

In "Fiddler on the Roof," what does Yente do in the village?
She is the baker
She is the seamstress
She is the matchmaker

Question: 7/25Name The Musical!

musical trivia, movies, Easter Parade
Jesus Christ Superstar
Easter Parade
Bye Bye Birdie

Question: 8/25Finish the lyrics to “We're Off to See the Wizard” from The Wizard of Oz!

"The Wizard of Oz is one because, because, because, because, because, because, because of the _____ things he does"

Question: 9/25Pick Your Answer!

In "West Side Story," Rif is the leader of what Manhattan gang?
The Jets
The Sharks
The T-Birds

Question: 10/25Name The Musical!

musical trivia, movies, Cabaret
Allied Artists
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Moulin Rouge!

Question: 11/25Finish the lyrics to “Think of Me” from The Phantom of the Opera!

"Long ago, it seems so long ago, how young and _____ we were, she may not remember me, but I remember her"

Question: 12/25Pick Your Answer!

In "Meet Me in St. Louis," the Smith family travels to the _____.
World’s Fair
Summer Fest
Global Expo

Question: 13/25Name The Musical!

musical trivia, movies, An American in Paris
La La Land
Little Shop of Horrors
An American in Paris

Question: 14/25Finish the lyrics to “The Winner Takes It All” from Mamma Mia!

"I've played all my cards, and that's what you've done too, nothing more to say, no more _____ to play"

Question: 15/25Pick Your Answer!

In "Rent," Angel dies of _____.

Question: 16/25Name The Musical!

a star is born, judy garland, musical trivia, movies
Warner Bros.
Funny Girl
A Star Is Born

Question: 17/25Finish the lyrics to “Run and Tell That” from Hairspray!

"The blacker the berry, the _____ the juice, I could say it ain't so, but darlin', what's the use"

Question: 18/25Pick Your Answer!

In "Les Misérables," Jean Valjean is in prison for _____.
stealing money to pay for his daughter’s school
stealing bread for his starving sister's son
stealing medicine for his sick mother

Question: 19/25Name The Musical!

musical trivia, movies, Chicago
Miramax Films

Question: 20/25Finish the lyrics to “Marian the Librarian” from The Music Man!

"What can I do, my dear, to catch your _____, I love you madly, madly Madam Librarian, Marian"

Question: 21/25Pick Your Answer!

In "Into the Woods," Jack sells his beloved family _____ for some magic beans.

Question: 22/25Name The Musical!

musical trivia, movies, hello, dolly!
20th Century Fox
Hello, Dolly!
Funny Face

Question: 23/25Finish the lyrics to “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” from The Sound of Music

"I am sixteen going on seventeen, I know that I'm _____"

Question: 24/25Pick Your Answer!

In "Annie," who runs the cruel and abusive orphanage where Annie grew up?
Lily St. Regis
Grace Farrell
Miss Hannigan

Question: 25/25Name The Musical!

Mary Poppins, musical trivia, movies
Buena Vista Distribution
White Christmas
Mary Poppins
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
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For the love of musicals, hit the play button now and take this quiz! If you've seen at least one or two musicals before, then chances are you have become obsessed with them. What's not to love about the flashy dance numbers, catchy love songs, and quirky characters? Musical movies have been around for as long as movies themselves. From older classics like The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, and An American in Paris to newer sensations like Rent, Hairspray, and Les Misérables, the musical movie craze doesn't seem to be slowing down or going anywhere soon. But just how well do you know your movie musicals, exactly? Are you able to recall every last detail about the plots and the characters? Could you tell apart a scene from Chicago and a scene from Cabaret? What about a scene from Little Shop of Horrors and a scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Do you remember what role Kathy is hired to work as on the film The Dueling Cavalier in the musical "Sinigin' in the Rain"? Do you recall what Yente does in the village in "Fiddler on the Roof"? Can you remember the name of the Manhattan gang Rif is the leader of in "West Side Story"? Do you remember what international attraction the Smith family travels to in "Meet Me in St. Louis"? Are you aware of why Jean Valjean is in prison in "Les Misérables"? Do you know what Jack sells for some magic beans in "Into the Woods"? Are you familiar with who runs the cruel and abusive orphanage in "Annie"? If you can answer any of these questions, we know you can do amazing on this quiz!