Quiz: How Much Presidential Slang Do You Actually Know?

Are you the Commander-in-Chief of presidential slang? Take this quiz to find out!

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 Sep 04, 2016
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Question: 1/10Pick the correct answer!

If a presidential candidate gets criticized as a "flip-flopper," it means that he or she __________.
changes his or her position on an issue
insults his or her opponent
wears flip flips

Question: 2/10Pick the correct answer!

What does it mean if a presidential candidate is put at the "kid's table?"
He or she sat at a table full of kids
He or she is at an event that won't as get as much attention as another
He or she is booed off the stage

Question: 3/10Pick the correct answer!

A state that both presidential candidates focus their efforts on winning is called a __________ state.

Question: 4/10Pick the correct answer!

A traditionally Democratic-controlled state is called a __________ state.

Question: 5/10Pick the correct answer!

A traditionally Republican-controlled state is called a __________ state.

Question: 6/10Pick the correct answer!

A state that regularly swings from one party to the other is called a __________ state.

Question: 7/10Pick the correct answer!

A presidential candidate needs 270 of what kind of vote to win the election?

Question: 8/10Pick the correct answer!

What does the "FEC" stand for?
Federal Election Commission
First Elected Chairperson
Federal Electoral College

Question: 9/10Pick the correct answer!

What does a Super "PAC" stand for?
Presidential Active Campaign
Political Action Committee
Presidential Action Chief

Question: 10/10Pick the correct answer!

A key issue used by a presidential candidate to show a difference between his or her opponent is a __________.
wedge issue
talking point
election pivot
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