Quiz: No New Yorker Has Scored 13/15 On This Brooklyn Test. Can You?

Are you a true Brooklynite?

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 Oct 29, 2019
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Question: 1/15Choose your answer!

Which of these are unique to Brooklyn?
Fire hydrants
Flea markets

Question: 2/15True or False:

Coney Island's "Cyclone" has been around for almost 90 years.

Question: 3/15Choose your answer!

Which of these celebrities is from Brooklyn?
Jennifer Lopez
Barbara Streisand
Dave Chappelle

Question: 4/15Choose your answer!

What is Manhattan referred to in Brooklyn?
"The City"
"The Big Apple"
"The Melting Pot"

Question: 5/15True or False:

Brooklyn has a higher population than Manhattan.

Question: 6/15Choose your answer!

Which of these do Brooklyn natives defend like no other?
Their parties
Their museums
Their food

Question: 7/15Choose your answer!

Which of these it not a necessity in Brooklyn?
Having a car
Having a fashion sense
Having pets

Question: 8/15Choose your answer!

What is Brooklyn Heights known for?
The tallest buildings in Brooklyn
Brownstone buildings
Parties every night

Question: 9/15Choose your answer!

The water tower at Brooklyn Bridge Park is made of what?

Question: 10/15Choose your answer!

What is "Dumbo"?
A famous restaurant
A slang term for stupid
A neighborhood

Question: 11/15Choose your answer!

What does it say on the "Leaving Brooklyn" sign?
Who's the boss?
To da city!

Question: 12/15Choose your answer!

What is actually in the popular drink, Egg Cream?
Milk, seltzer and vanilla or chocolate syrup
Water, egg, chocolate syrup
Egg, milk, sugar, vanilla syrup

Question: 13/15Choose your answer!

Everyone knows a real "Hero" in Brooklyn comes in the form of a....
Ice cream cone
Slice of pizza

Question: 14/15Choose your answer!

The Brooklyn Dodgers are now known as...
Detroit Tigers
the New York Yankees
the LA Dodgers

Question: 15/15Choose your answer!

What "Seinfeld" star is from Brooklyn?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Michael Richards
Larry David
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