Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "The Mask"?

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The Mask, movies
New Line Cinema
 Sep 13, 2020
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Question: 1/25Pick Your Answer!

Stanley Ipkiss lives in _____ with his Jack Russell Terrier.
New City
Bay City
Edge City

Question: 2/25Pick Your Answer!

Charlie is Stanley's _____.
best friend

Question: 3/25Pick Your Answer!

Who is the first person to find the mask?
A police officer
A scuba driver
An archeologist

Question: 4/25Pick Your Answer!

True or False: Stanley finds the mask in the river after rescuing what he thinks is a body.

Question: 5/25Pick Your Answer!

Why does Stanley go to the mechanic's after work?
To fix an engine
To buy a spare tire
To get his vehicle

Question: 6/25Pick Your Answer!

Mrs. Penman is Stanley's _____.

Question: 7/25Pick Your Answer!

Why is the landlord at Stanley's apartment upset with him?
He came in late and ruined her rug
He still hasn't paid his rent
He is getting noise complaints

Question: 8/25Pick Your Answer!

True or False: Milo is Stanley's cat.

Question: 9/25Pick Your Answer!

What is the name of the club Niko owns?
Coco Bongo Club
The Hawaiian Club
Club ā€™Nā€™ Paradise

Question: 10/25Pick Your Answer!

Peggy Brant works as a _____.

Question: 11/25Pick Your Answer!

Why does Tina go to the bank?
To deposit a check
To get footage of the bank vault
To take out a business loan

Question: 12/25Pick Your Answer!

What happens when Stanley puts on the mask?
He is able to read minds
He is able to shapeshift
He is able to act out desires

Question: 13/25Pick Your Answer!

What does Stanley's dog always do that he is told not to?
Chew the furniture
Bite at ankles
Jump up at people

Question: 14/25Pick Your Answer!

Why does Stanley go to jail?
Tyrell plants a fake mask in his jacket
Stanley turns himself in
Peggy turns him in for robbery

Question: 15/25Pick Your Answer!

How does Stanley get out of jail?
Tina distracts the guard
Tyrell confesses to the police
Milo sneaks the keys from the guard

Question: 16/25Pick Your Answer!

True or False: Tyrell tries to blow up Tina because she attempts to turn him in.

Question: 17/25Pick Your Answer!

How does Tyrell die?
He gets shot by Stanley
He gets sucked into a whorl pool
He gets hit by a car

Question: 18/25Pick Your Answer!

Stanley stop the bomb by _____.
throwing it into the ocean
cutting the wires
eating it

Question: 19/25Pick Your Answer!

What ultimately happens to the mask?
It gets chopped up in a wood chipper
It gets thrown into the harbor
It gets burned in a fire

Question: 20/25Pick Your Answer!

True or False: When Stanley throws the mask into the sea Milo and Charlie go after it.

Question: 21/25Name The Character!

The Mask, movies
New Line Cinema

Question: 22/25Name The Character!

The Mask, movies
New Line Cinema
Lieutenant Kellaway
Mayor Tilton
Dr. Neuman

Question: 23/25Name The Character!

The Mask, movies
New Line Cinema
Tina Carlyle
Peggy Brandt
Mrs. Peenman

Question: 24/25Name The Character!

The Mask, movies
New Line Cinema
Charlie Schumaker
Dorian Tyrell
Stanley Ipkiss

Question: 25/25Name The Character!

The Mask, movies
New Line Cinema
Tina Carlyle
Mrs. Peenman
Peggy Brandt
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Have you ever seen the film The Mask before? The 1994 American superhero comedy film was directed by Charles Russell, produced by Bob Engelman, and written by Mike Werb, loosely based on the comic series of the same name published by Dark Horse Comics. If you know and love this classic '90s comedy, than you'll certainly want to take this ultimate trivia quiz! The story follows a timid bank clerk called Stanley Ipkiss who stumbles across a mask possessed by the spirit of the Norse god Loki. Once he puts on the mask, his entire life changes and he suddenly becomes a playboy with supernatural powers. The film stars Jim Carrey, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck, Peter Riegert, Richard Jeni, Ben Stein, Joely Fisher, and Cameron Diaz in her film debut. The film made stars out of both Carrey and Diaz and allowed audiences to see witness Carrey's unforgettable talent for physical comedy. Today, people still make references to the many quotable moments in The Mask and the infamous yellow zoot suit Carrey wears is a Halloween costume staple. But just how much do you recall about everyone's favorite mischievous zoot-suited gangster? We're about to find out! We're going to ask you a series of trivia questions, true or false questions, and name the character questions. All you have to do is supply us with the correct answers to pass. So are you ready to play and find out how big of a movie buff you truly are? We promise that the questions in this quiz are ssssssmokin'!