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 Nov 10, 2018
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Question: 1/35Name this person from 1950!

movies, celebs, Rear Window, grace kelly
Paramount Pictures
Grace Kelly
Kim Novak
Jayne Mansfield

Question: 2/35Name this movie from 1954!

Rear Window, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Rear Window
12 Angry Men
Rebel Without a Cause

Question: 3/35Name this item from 1950!

Wikimedia Commons
Telephone Answering Machine

Question: 4/35Name this person from 1950!

movies, the thrill of it all, doris day
Ruby De
Dorothy Dandridge
Doris Day

Question: 5/35Name this movie from 1952!

AMC, movies, celebs, Singin' In The Rain, 1952, debbie reynolds as kathy selden
MGM Studios
Singin' in the Rain
Some Like It Hot
An American in Paris

Question: 6/35Name this item from 1958!

Wikimedia Commons
The Hula Hoop
Hop Scotch

Question: 7/35Name this person from 1950!

tv, I Love Lucy, lucille ball
via CBS
Lucille Ball
Natalie Wood
Eva Marie Saint

Question: 8/35Name this movie from 1953!

roman holiday, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Roman Holiday
A Streetcar Named Desire
Strangers on a Train

Question: 9/35Name this item from 1952!

Wikimedia Commons
Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Pet Rock
Mr. Meatball Face

Question: 10/35Name this person from 1960!

audrey hepburn, charade, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture, travel
Universal Pictures
Catherine Deneuve
Ava Gardner
Audrey Hepburn

Question: 11/35Name this movie from 1963!

movies, celebs, The Birds, tippi hedren, ., blonde woman
Universal Pictures
Dial M for Murder
The Birds

Question: 12/35Name this item from 1960!

Wikimedia Commons
Etch A Sketch

Question: 13/35Name this person from 1960!

movies, celebs, marilyn monroe, niagara, AMC
20th Century Fox
Veronica Lake
Monica Vitti
Marilyn Monroe

Question: 14/35Name this movie from 1961!

breakfast at tiffanys, audrey hepburn
Paramount Pictures
Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Apartment

Question: 15/35Name this item from 1962!

Wikimedia Commons
Compact Disc
Audio Cassette

Question: 16/35Name this person from 1960!

movies, celebs, butterfield 8, 1960, elizabeth taylor
MGM Studios
Brigitte Bardot
Elizabeth Taylor
Vivien Leigh

Question: 17/35Name this movie from 1968!

movies, Rosemary's Baby, mia farrow
Paramount Pictures
La Dolce Vita
Rosemary's Baby

Question: 18/35Name this item from 1969!

Wikimedia Commons
Cellular Phone
ATM Machine
Answering Machine

Question: 19/35Name this person from 1970!

movies, Bonnie and Clyde
Warner Bros.
Greta Garbo
Faye Dunaway
Anne Bancroft

Question: 20/35Name this movie from 1970!

love story
Paramount Pictures
Love Story
Funny Girl
Cool Hand Luke

Question: 21/35Name this item from 1971!

Wikimedia Commons
Floppy Disk

Question: 22/35Name this person from 1970!

Barbarella, Jane Fonda, movies
Paramount Pictures
Jane Fonda
Linda Blair
Ellen Burstyn

Question: 23/35Name this movie from 1973!

movies, celebs, The Way We Were, 1973, robert redford, Barbara Streisand
Columbia Pictures
The Sting
The Way We Were
The Godfather

Question: 24/35Name this item from 1977!

Wikimedia Commons

Question: 25/35Name this person from 1970!

love story, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Cybill Shepherd
Ali MacGraw
Jodie Foster

Question: 26/35Name this movie from 1977!

saturday night fever, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Saturday Night Fever
Mean Streets
Annie Hall

Question: 27/35Name this item from 1974!

Wikimedia Commons
Rubik’s Cube
Color Cube
Cool Cube

Question: 28/35Name this person from 1980!

TS, molly ringwald
Paramount Pictures
Molly Ringwald
Jodie Foster
Meg Ryan

Question: 29/35Name this movie from 1988!

heathers, high school, winona ryder, movies/tv
New World Pictures
Stand by Me

Question: 30/35Name this item from 1980!

Wikimedia Commons
Turn Table

Question: 31/35Name this person from 1980!

Jennifer Grey, ferris bueller, 80s, 80s movie, teen, high school, hero
Paramount Pictures
Sharon Stone
Jennifer Grey
Kathleen Turner

Question: 32/35Name this movie from 1986!

Pretty in Pink, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Top Gun
Pretty in Pink

Question: 33/35Name this item from 1984!

Wikimedia Commons
Cell Phone
Answering Machine

Question: 34/35Name this person from 1980!

Scarface, Michelle Pfeiffer, movies/tv
Universal Pictures
Sigourney Weaver
Heather Locklear
Michelle Pfeiffer

Question: 35/35Name this movie from 1987!

Dirty Dancing
Vestron Pictures
Can't Buy Me Love
Dirty Dancing
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