Quiz: Answer 18 Qs and We'll Reveal If Your Aura is Warmer or Cooler

What does your aura say about you?

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 Sep 23, 2020
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Question: 1/18Pick One!

Where would you most likely find peace?
On a secluded beach
In a small town
In a large, busy city

Question: 2/18Pick One!

Which animal are you most like?
A majestic horse
A calm dwarf rabbit
A loyal puppy

Question: 3/18Pick One!

Which one of these brings you the most happiness?
Making the world a better place
Following your dreams
Caring for loved ones

Question: 4/18Pick One!

What are the relationships like in your life?
Simple, easy, and sure
Complicated and passionate
Full of energy and love

Question: 5/18Pick One!

What drives you?
A need for peace
A desire to be successful
A passion for love

Question: 6/18Pick One!

What would your friends describe as your personality?
Harmonic, healthy, and peaceful
Joyous, happy, and lighthearted
Courageous, energetic, and determined

Question: 7/18Pick One!

Pick a hobby that appeals to you most!
Reading books and watching movies
Hiking and talking walks outside
Painting and drawing artwork

Question: 8/18Pick One!

How would you describe yourself?
Sensitive, quiet, idealistic
Kind, reliable, loyal
Hard-working, patient, well-grounded

Question: 9/18Pick One!

Your favorite subject in school is/was _____.

Question: 10/18Pick One!

Pick a profession that speaks to you.

Question: 11/18Pick One!

What is the most annoying pet peeve?
People who say "we should keep in touch!" but don't mean it.
People who are cruel just because it's the nature.
Ignorant people.

Question: 12/18Pick One!

Are you more of a creative mind or a logical mind?
I'm logical.
I'm creative.
I'm realistic.

Question: 13/18Pick One!

Are you searching for a particular thing in life at the moment?
To be more expressive of my needs.
More time to do everything.
To be less jealous of others.

Question: 14/18Pick One!

Which do you prefer?
A large group of friends.
One or two close friends.
I prefer to be alone.

Question: 15/18Pick One!

Do you think more with your head or your heart?
My head, almost always.
My heart, almost always.
My head, but I listen to my heart once and a while.

Question: 16/18Pick One!

What is one thing you want to spend more time doing?
Visiting art museums.
Volunteer work.
Learning a new language.

Question: 17/18Pick One!

If you could travel to any of these places, where would you go?

Question: 18/18Pick One!

What would you say is the most important thing in life?
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Where do you fall on the color spectrum? If your personality were defined by a color, what would it be? If your aura is a warmer color like yellow, love, sincerity, affection and generosity are perfect words to describe you. You are optimistic and intelligent, with a friendly, creative presence. A yellow aura signifies that you are full of life and energy, an inspiring and playful person. If your aura is a cooler color like blue, you are kind and loyal, with a calm, collected personality. A blue aura signifies that you are very sensitive to the world around you, and also that have a certain willingness to help others. If your aura is an in between color like white, your aura is a perfect balance. The white color can sometimes be pale and blank, so you need to pay attention when you are out of touch with the world. Each color is associated with certain personality traits or behaviors. Everyone has some degree of each color, but one color is usually the most predominant. There are no wholly bad or wholly good colors. They are all nuanced in their meaning and representation. This personality quiz will identify where you fall on the color spectrum. Can we accurately guess what color best represents your true core personality? Are you passionate and confident like the color red, friendly and bubbly like the color yellow, or calm and kind like the color blue? Answer these personality questions to determine which hue best represents the color of your soul.