Grey's Seasons 1-16 Rapid Fire Quiz: Can You Answer A Q About Every Season?

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 May 08, 2020
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Question: 1/16Season 1:

Before surgery, Izzie had a career in ______.

Question: 2/16Season 2:

Why does Ellis refuse to be treated by George at the hospital?
She thinks interns are incapable of handling patients.
She only wants to be treated by Meredith.
She believes he is her ex-husband, Thatcher.

Question: 3/16Season 3:

What causes Meredith to be admitted for surgery?
Her appendix burst.
She needed an emergency C-seciton.
She had bleeding in her brain.

Question: 4/16Season 4:

Which new resident wins the surgical contest?

Question: 5/16Season 5:

Bailey's "domino" surgery features six ______ transplants.

Question: 6/16Season 6:

What animal does Alex encounter while living in Derek's trailer?
A mountain lion
A bear
A wolf

Question: 7/16Season 7:

Which doctor struggles with PTSD from the shooting during surgery?

Question: 8/16Season 8:

Which hospital do the doctors compete against in softball?
Mercy West
Seattle Presbyterian
Seattle Southside

Question: 9/16Season 9:

Derek requires a nerve donor for his ______ surgery.

Question: 10/16Season 10:

How does Heather die?
She is pierced with an icicle.
She is shot in the head.
She is electrocuted.

Question: 11/16Season 11:

Where does Derek travel to for work?
Washington, D.C.
San Francisco

Question: 12/16Season 12:

Who is appointed as the new Chief of Surgery?

Question: 13/16Season 13:

Why did Andrew drop the criminal charges against Alex?
Andrew can't afford to take him to court.
Andrew admits that he instigated Alex.
Andrew doesn't want to put Jo through more trouble.

Question: 14/16Season 14:

What happens after Harper Avery fires Bailey from the hospital?
He passes away.
He becomes the new Chief of Surgery.
Half of the hospital staff quit.

Question: 15/16Season 15:

What is Meredith's patient, Cece Colvin's profession?
Graphic designer

Question: 16/16Season 16:

Why does Koracick put a restraining order against Owen?
Owen accidentally tasered him.
Owen punched him in the face.
Owen broke into his home.
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