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 Feb 14, 2020
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Question: 1/20Pick the correct answer!

What is a doctor's first year of surgery called?

Question: 2/20Pick the correct answer!

What part of the body is general surgery focused on?
The abdomen
The brain
The skin

Question: 3/20Pick the correct answer!

Which disease is known to affect a patient's memory?
Heart disease
Alzheimer's disease
Parkinson's disease

Question: 4/20Pick the correct answer!

What does "anesthesia" do for a patient?
Helps the the heart pump blood
Provides nutrients to the body
Puts them in a sleep-like state

Question: 5/20Pick the correct answer!

What does "GSW" stand for?
Good shot winner
Grand stand wall
Gunshot wound

Question: 6/20Pick the correct answer!

What is a "scalpel"?
A small sharp knife used for surgery
A hospital bed used for trauma patients
A medical device used to track a patient's heartbeat

Question: 7/20Pick the correct answer!

What does "post-op" mean?
Before operation
After operation
During operation

Question: 8/20Pick the correct answer!

_____________ surgery focuses on infants.

Question: 9/20Pick the correct answer!

What does "MRI" stand for?
Mirror reactive inspection
Magnetic resonance imaging
Minor reduced incision

Question: 10/20Pick the correct answer!

What is "hypothermia"?
The rising of the body's core temperature
The violent fluctuation of the body's core temperature
The dropping of the body's core temperature

Question: 11/20Pick the correct answer!

Which condition results from a malfunction of the heart?
Cardiac arrest

Question: 12/20Pick the correct answer!

"ER" stands for ___________.
Emergency room
Ear removal
Energy revival

Question: 13/20Pick the correct answer!

The ___________ Avery Award is a prestigious medical award in Grey's Anatomy.

Question: 14/20Pick the correct answer!

What is the term used to describe a patient whose identity is unknown?
John/Jane Doe
Mystery man/woman
Patient X

Question: 15/20Pick the correct answer!

Which surgical specialty focuses on treating the nervous system?
Cardiothoracic surgery
Pediatric Surgery

Question: 16/20Pick the correct answer!

What is "saline" made of?
Morphine and chlorine
Blood and plasma
Water and sodium chloride (salt)

Question: 17/20Pick the correct answer!

What is an abnormal mass of tissue called?
A heart attack
A tachycardia
A tumor

Question: 18/20Pick the correct answer!

What does an "echocardiogram" explore?
The cervix
The heart
The lungs

Question: 19/20Pick the correct answer!

Which procedure gives surgeons access to the brain?
A craniotomy
A whipple
A crike

Question: 20/20Pick the correct answer!

A code ____________ indicates someone needing resuscitation.
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