Quiz: Which Meredith Grey Quote Should Be Your Life Motto?

Because Mer's quotes are the best quotes!

Meredith Grey smiling, season 15
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Jun 07, 2019
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Question: 1/18Pick your answer!

How do you feel about company?
I'd rather spend time alone
Having company is nice in moderation
The more friends around, the better!

Question: 2/18Pick your answer!

How late do you stay at the party?
I'm not the first or last person to leave
I'm the first one in and out!
I stay until the music stops!

Question: 3/18Pick your answer!

You're picking up dinner tonight, what is it?

Question: 4/18Pick your answer!

What's your ideal car?
Sports car
A fancy SUV
A cozy sedan

Question: 5/18Pick your answer!

My friends would describe me as ________ .

Question: 6/18Pick your answer!

What are your plants after a long day of work?
Grab a drink with friends
Relax at home

Question: 7/18Pick your answer!

What's your relationship status?
It's complicated...
Single, so single

Question: 8/18Pick your answer!

Pick a hospital "hook up" spot!
Supply closet
On-call room

Question: 9/18Pick your answer!

You have the remote, what kind of movie are you watching?

Question: 10/18Pick your answer!

How do you react under pressure?
I focus even better
I have a total meltdown
I freeze up

Question: 11/18Pick your answer!

What's your favorite sweet treat?
Ice cream

Question: 12/18Pick your answer!

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
It depends!
Night owl
Morning person

Question: 13/18Pick your answer!

How do you feel about wearing makeup?
I LOVE a flawless face of makeup
I rarely use makeup!
I like to wear makeup on special occasions

Question: 14/18Pick your answer!

What makes you happiest?

Question: 15/18Pick your answer!

What's your ideal place to visit?
Cabo San Lucas

Question: 16/18Pick your answer!

How do you feel about confrontation?
I'm the first person to speak up
I try to avoid it
I'll step in and say something if necessary

Question: 17/18Pick your answer!

What do you want most in a partner?

Question: 18/18Pick your answer!

Which surgical speciality do you find most interesting?
Cardiothoracic surgery
General surgery
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