Only A True Fan Will Be Able To Pass This Ultimate Grey's Memory Challenge

How well will your memory serve?

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 May 21, 2020
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Question: 1/17Choose Your Answer:

Cristina and Owen got in a huge argument at ______ birthday party.

Question: 2/17Choose Your Answer:

Before leaving for Zurich, what did Cristina go to the mall to get?
A European phone charger
A suitcase with a lock
A gift for Owen

Question: 3/17Choose Your Answer:

On Andrew’s first day he witnessed an accident, leading him to get in the ambulance and treat a patient. What object did he use to stabilize her wrist?
A necktie
A belt
A headband

Question: 4/17Choose Your Answer:

Who got overly intoxicated at Maggie’s game night?

Question: 5/17Choose Your Answer:

What was Tom doing while Teddy went into labor?
Assembling baby furniture at her new house.
Cheating on her with Amelia.
Performing a kidney transplant.

Question: 6/17Choose Your Answer:

Why did Bailey dislike Peds at first?
She couldn't see kids suffer.
She didn't like kids.
She disliked Arizona, the head of Peds.

Question: 7/17Choose Your Answer:

What is Owen's mother's name?

Question: 8/17Choose Your Answer:

What color was the scarf Izzie knitted for Bailey?

Question: 9/17Choose Your Answer:

While recovering in the hospital from surgery, where is the first place Richard goes?
Joe's bar
Catherine's house
The courthouse

Question: 10/17Choose Your Answer:

Who came up with the idea for Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest?

Question: 11/17Choose Your Answer:

On Valentine's Day, a(n) ______ crashed into the ER, nearly killing Cristina.

Question: 12/17Choose Your Answer:

Meredith donated a portion of her ______ to her father.
bone marrow

Question: 13/17Choose Your Answer:

What caused Meredith to throw away the Post-it note that signified her marriage to Derek?
Derek first left Seattle for D.C.
Derek missed the birth of their second child.
Meredith found out Derek kissed a resident in D.C.

Question: 14/17Choose Your Answer:

What nickname did the other interns call Jason?
Chest Peckwell
Dr. Fancypants
The Ritz-Carlton of Surgery

Question: 15/17Choose Your Answer:

Who testified on Callie's behalf during her malpractice lawsuit?

Question: 16/17Choose Your Answer:

Why didn't Arizona want to attend Bailey's wedding?
She couldn't wear high heels since her leg was amputated.
She wasn't asked by Bailey to be a bridesmaid.
She didn't want to run into Callie there.

Question: 17/17Choose Your Answer:

What condition did April and Jackson's baby, Samuel have?
Spina bifida
Phenylketonuria (PKU)
Osteogenesis imperfecta
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