Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Extensive Love History Of Jackson Avery?

This Grey's hottie is hard to keep up with!

grey's anatomy Jackson Avery
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Jun 18, 2020
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Question: 1/17Choose Your Answer:

Where did Jackson and Lexie consummate their relationship?
The OR
Lexie's car
The shower

Question: 2/17Choose Your Answer:

Jackson briefly dated a ______ named Vic.

Question: 3/17Choose Your Answer:

Why did Jackson end things with Lexie?
He started to get feelings for April.
He realized she still had feelings for Mark.
It was too distracting for him to work with the girl he was dating.

Question: 4/17Choose Your Answer:

Catherine set Jackson up with Mara Keaton, a ______fellow from Mass General.

Question: 5/17Choose Your Answer:

Who is Jackson's date to April's wedding?

Question: 6/17Choose Your Answer:

When did Jackson first admit his love for April?
During a transplant surgery they were doing together.
At her wedding with Matthew.
When she tells him she's pregnant.

Question: 7/17Choose Your Answer:

Jackson was texting a woman named ______ while he was with Maggie.

Question: 8/17Choose Your Answer:

Who is the mother of Jackson's daughter, Harriet?

Question: 9/17Choose Your Answer:

Who was Jackson's date to Alex's New Year's Eve party?

Question: 10/17Choose Your Answer:

What led to Jackson's divorce with April?
April left for an army tour in Jordan.
April reconciled with her ex-fiancé.
April had an affair with Owen.

Question: 11/17Choose Your Answer:

Toward the beginning of their relationship, what made Jackson and Maggie's bond stronger?
Catherine approved of Maggie.
Maggie saved April's life.
Maggie offered to adopt Jackson's daughter.

Question: 12/17Choose Your Answer:

How did Jackson meet Vic?
At Joe's bar.
While treating an injured man in the woods.
At Callie's Thanksgiving dinner.

Question: 13/17Choose Your Answer:

______ asked Jackson to get close to Lexie, which led to them starting a relationship.

Question: 14/17Choose Your Answer:

Why didn't Jackson and Vic work out?
Maggie sabotaged their relationship.
Catherine paid Vic to leave Jackson alone.
It wasn't the right time for either of them.

Question: 15/17Choose Your Answer:

Why couldn't Jackson continue to pursue Cristina after they shared a kiss?
Meredith wouldn't allow it when she found out.
Cristina was in a relationship with Owen.
There was a strict non-fraternization policy at the hospital.

Question: 16/17Choose Your Answer:

What's the name of the woman Jackson brought to Amelia's game night?

Question: 17/17Choose Your Answer:

Whose virginity does Jackson take?
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