Quiz: Two Truths and a Lie... Grey's Quotes Edition

Can you spot the lie?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 May 08, 2020
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Question: 1/18Two truths and a lie!

April Kepner DID NOT say:
"I'm not board certified and I'm not a virgin!"
"No one holds a scalpel until I'm so happy I'm Mary freaking Poppins."
"I did not know a miracle could be so boring."

Question: 2/18Two truths and a lie!

Owen Hunt DID NOT say:
"He's very dreamy, but he's not the sun, you are."
"The future is the home of our deepest fears and our wildest hopes."
"You're not going to give up. You are going to push through it."

Question: 3/18Two truths and a lie!

Teddy Altman DID NOT say:
"I don't mean to be the big sad widow."
"I am done being your fallback. I am done being your damn sloppy seconds."
"I just had to bring the thunder."

Question: 4/18Two truths and a lie!

Alex Karev DID NOT say:
"Knowing is better than wondering, walking is better than sleeping."
"It’s your life, nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to do."
"Don't analyze everything just do it."

Question: 5/18Two truths and a lie!

Callie Torres DID NOT say:
"You show up and you suit up and you play. Because its your freaking team."
"You didn't love her, because you don't destroy the person that you love."
"Maybe instead of loving you so hard, I should be myself for a while."

Question: 6/18Two truths and a lie!

Miranda Bailey DID NOT say:
"I thought you told me to keep the animals under control?!"
"More tequila, more love, more anything. More is better."
"I have five rules. Memorize them."

Question: 7/18Two truths and a lie!

Amelia Shepherd DID NOT say:
"I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke."
"Life will always find a way to continue, always. Life will out."
"We lose those battles as often as we succeed."

Question: 8/18Two truths and a lie!

Lexie Grey DID NOT say:
"It always feels like there is just one person in this world to love."
"I don't want to love you. I want to be happy."
"It's not just the medical system that's broken. It's the whole world."

Question: 9/18Two truths and a lie!

Arizona Robbins DID NOT say:
"Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature."
"I'm gonna keep talking relationships and rainbows and crap."
"You will treat people with kindness and respect."

Question: 10/18Two truths and a lie!

Derek Shepherd DID NOT say:
"I'm a human being, I make mistakes, I'm flawed, we all are."
"It's a beautiful day to save lives."
"People who do horrible things aren't horrible people."

Question: 11/18Two truths and a lie!

Catherine Avery DID NOT say:
"The time has come for new vision, new light, and new hope."
"You could think of this vagina as your gift to me."
"You're the love of my life. I can't leave you."

Question: 12/18Two truths and a lie!

Cristina Yang DID NOT say:
"I'm laughing, just not externally."
"Fight until you can't find anymore."
"Oh, screw beautiful. I'm brilliant."

Question: 13/18Two truths and a lie!

George O'Malley DID NOT say:
"I want to be the guy Dr. Bailey named her son after."
"I believe in the good."
"High school sucks for anyone who's the least bit different."

Question: 14/18Two truths and a lie!

Izzie Stevens DID NOT say:
"I feel like I'm moving in slow motion."
"My life is in pieces all the time."
"Who here feels like they have no idea what they're doing?"

Question: 15/18Two truths and a lie!

Mark Sloan DID NOT say:
"Walk tall. All you can do is be brave enough to get out there."
"I want you to promise me something: if you love someone, you tell them."
"I found my sister, and I think I hate her."

Question: 16/18Two truths and a lie!

Meredith Grey DID NOT say:
"We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?"
"You're choice, it's simple, her or me."
"You remember a proposal."

Question: 17/18Two truths and a lie!

Tom Koracick DID NOT say:
"We are the A-Team, and we don't lose."
"If you want to be a shark, be a shark."
"My kid died. Freak accident at school."

Question: 18/18Two truths and a lie!

Maggie Pierce DID NOT say:
"I missed a little step, one simple step."
"Loyalty is so rare in this world."
"When I find a puzzle, it's very hard for me to put it down."
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