The Ultimate Grey's Anatomy "Sisters" Quiz. How High Can You Score?

Can you keep up with the sisters?

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 Jul 29, 2020
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Question: 1/16Choose Your Answer:

How many sisters does Derek have?

Question: 2/16Choose Your Answer:

Lexie and Meredith share a ______.

Question: 3/16Choose Your Answer:

What is the name of Meredith's other half-sister?

Question: 4/16Choose Your Answer:

Meredith discovers she has a second half-sister named ______.

Question: 5/16Choose Your Answer:

Why did April and her sisters have brunch together?
So they talk April out of joining the Army.
So they could all meet Matthew before the wedding.
So they could comfort April after she got fired from the hospital.

Question: 6/16Choose Your Answer:

Meredith and Maggie share a ______.

Question: 7/16Choose Your Answer:

You see Derek's sisters ______ and Nancy when they have dinner with Amelia and Link.

Question: 8/16Choose Your Answer:

Amelia is Derek's ______ sister.

Question: 9/16Choose Your Answer:

What traumatic experience did Derek and Amelia have together as children?
They were involved in a car accident where they lost their mother.
Their older sister died of cancer.
They watched their father get shot.

Question: 10/16Choose Your Answer:

Since Lexie was Meredith's little sister, she was "forbidden fruit" to ______.

Question: 11/16Choose Your Answer:

Which one of Derek's sisters referred to Meredith as the "slutty intern"?

Question: 12/16Choose Your Answer:

How did Meredith find out that Maggie was her sister?
Meredith accidentally came upon her mom's medical records.
Maggie told Meredith that Ellis was her birth mom.
Richard sat down Meredith and Maggie together to tell them the truth.

Question: 13/16Choose Your Answer:

After Meredith bought her house back from Alex, which of her "sisters" moved in?
Maggie and Amelia
Cristina and Amelia
Lexie and Maggie

Question: 14/16Choose Your Answer:

What are the names of Mark's two daughters?
Sofia and Sloan
Sammy and Sofia
Sloan and Sammy

Question: 15/16Choose Your Answer:

April has ______ sisters.

Question: 16/16Choose Your Answer:

Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs played sisters on the hit TV show ____ and in an episode of Grey's!
Gossip Girl
Dawson's Creek
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