Quiz: Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Guess What Kind Of Doctor You'd Be

Which surgical role are you cut out for?

Alex Karev treating patient on grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Jun 25, 2020
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Question: 1/18Choose the Correct Answer:

How do you do with the sight of blood?
You like blood
You can't stand blood
You don't mind blood

Question: 2/18Choose the Correct Answer:

How would you describe your decision making process?
Moderately indecisive
Extremely indecisive
Very decisive

Question: 3/18Choose the Correct Answer:

How do you approach a difficult situation?
With the help of others
With logic
With intuition

Question: 4/18Choose the Correct Answer:

How do you like to stay busy at home?
Watching TV/movies

Question: 5/18Choose the Correct Answer:

Quick! Pick your favorite ice cream flavor!

Question: 6/18Choose the Correct Answer:

Picture yourself finishing a long day of surgery. What are you looking forward to?
Eating dinner
Taking a shower
Catching up on social media

Question: 7/18Choose the Correct Answer:

What time of the day do you feel most alert?

Question: 8/18Choose the Correct Answer:

What's your ideal social gathering?
None, you'd rather be alone!
Just a few close friends!
Big parties and events!

Question: 9/18Choose the Correct Answer:

You have a long day of surgery ahead. What helps you get focused?
A good night's sleep and willpower
A well balanced meal
Lots of coffee

Question: 10/18Choose the Correct Answer:

How do you spend your day off?
Sleeping as much as possible
Hanging out with friends
Running errands

Question: 11/18Choose the Correct Answer:

Which aspect of life is most important to you?
Personal health

Question: 12/18Choose the Correct Answer:

Which part of the body do you find most fascinating?
The heart
The brain
The intestines

Question: 13/18Choose the Correct Answer:

How do you keep your workplace?
Somewhat neat
Super neat

Question: 14/18Choose the Correct Answer:

If you could have more of one thing, what would it be?

Question: 15/18Choose the Correct Answer:

Picture yourself in surgery. What color is your scrub cap?

Question: 16/18Choose the Correct Answer:

What's your ideal pet?
An exotic animal
A cat
A dog

Question: 17/18Choose the Correct Answer:

How do you feel about kids?
You don't like kids
You love kids
You don't mind them

Question: 18/18Choose the Correct Answer:

How do you feel about trying new things?
You prefer to stick with what you know
Depends on the situation
You're eager to try something new!
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