Quiz: Am I A Baby Boomer?

Are you really a baby boomer?

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 May 09, 2018
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Question: 1/18Pick your answer!

When were you born?
Between 1940 and 1965
After 1965
Before 1940

Question: 2/18Who is this icon?

I Love Lucy, lucielle ball
Lucille Ball
Audrey Hepburn
Judy Garland

Question: 3/18Pick your answer!

Choose something to eat!
Apple pie
Mermaid toast
Rainbow bagel

Question: 4/18Pick your answer!

Who was Chet Huntley's co-anchor on NBC?
John Wayne
David Brinkley
Cary Grant

Question: 5/18Pick your answer!

What did Superman stand for?
Truth, justice, and the American way
Lois Lane
World peace

Question: 6/18Pick your answer!

Who was Howdy Doody?
A boy who got trapped in a well for 14 days
A news reporter
An iconic puppet who had his own TV show

Question: 7/18Pick your answer!

What did Popeye always eat?

Question: 8/18Who is this icon?

princess diana
ABC News
Princess Grace
Queen Elizabeth
Princess Diana

Question: 9/18Pick your answer!

How often do you use social media?
I check social media every hour
At least a few times a week
Every so often

Question: 10/18Pick your answer!

Which of these women do you admire the most?
Emma Watson
Jackie Kennedy
Millie Bobby Brown

Question: 11/18Pick your answer!

Choose a leading man!
Kirk Douglas
Zac Efron
Denzel Washington

Question: 12/18Who is this icon?

elizabeth taylor
Katharine Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Elizabeth Taylor

Question: 13/18Pick your answer!

Which candy melts in your mouth, not in your hand?

Question: 14/18What movie is this?

saturday night fever, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Westside Story
Saturday Night Fever

Question: 15/18Pick your answer!

Which of the following former U.S. Presidents do you like the most?
Bill Clinton
John F. Kennedy
Barack Obama

Question: 16/18Who is this icon?

Clark Gable
James Dean
John Wayne

Question: 17/18Pick your answer!

Which of the following colors is your favorite?

Question: 18/18Pick your answer!

Are you a procrastinator?
Most definitely
It depends
Not at all
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Born after the Silent Generation and before Generation X, the Baby Boomers consist of those born from the early- to mid-1940s and anywhere from 1960 to 1964. But just because your birth year falls between those, doesn't mean you're a true boomer. Whether you think you are or aren't, take this quiz to discover if you can call yourself a baby boomer.