Quiz: How Well Do You Know Important Fortnite Slang?

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 May 03, 2018
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What are bush campers?
Players who turn into bushes
Players who take cover in a bush
Players who blow up bushes

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What does it mean to knock someone?
You knocked on their door
You created a secret handshake with them
You knocked down an opponent without fully eliminating them

Question: 3/10Choose the correct answer!

What is launching?
Hosting a party
Using a launchpad to dive on an opponent
Creating a new app

Question: 4/10Choose the correct answer!

What is mats slang for?
Leaving the game

Question: 5/10Choose the correct answer!

What are minis?
Mini shields
Mini food
Mini players

Question: 6/10Choose the correct answer!

If a player is one-shot, what does that mean?
They have one bullet left
They only have one shot, so they better not miss their chance to blow
They're one shot from being knocked down

Question: 7/10Choose the correct answer!

What's a shield pop?
Destruction of an opponent's shield
Juggling a shield

Question: 8/10Choose the correct answer!

What are Storm Troopers?
Opponents who come out of the storm
People who regulate the rules of the game
Those characters in Star Wars

Question: 9/10Choose the correct answer!

What's the bubble?
A large bubble that floats around
The place you go to get more ammo
The force field which determines the playing area

Question: 10/10Choose the correct answer!

What are heals?
A type of defense weapon
Healing items
The backs of feet
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Has Fortnite taken over your life? Same. It's not just a game, it's a lifestyle. If you play the game regularly, then you probably know everything there is to know about it... or so you think. See how well you know important Fortnite slang by taking this trivia quiz now!