Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

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 Apr 24, 2018
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Question: 1/15Choose the correct answer!

Which of these is NOT a sign you're pregnant?
Missed period
Foul-smelling feet
Morning sickness

Question: 2/15Choose the correct answer!

How long does a pregnancy generally last?
5 months
6 weeks
9 months

Question: 3/15Choose the correct answer!

What needs to dilate before you can give birth?

Question: 4/15Choose the correct answer!

What number of people using condoms as their ONLY birth control method will get pregnant per year?
15 out of 100
zero out of 100
5 out 100

Question: 5/15Choose the correct answer!

What are Braxton Hicks?
A type of midwife
A brand of baby shoes
False labor contractions

Question: 6/15Choose the correct answer!

What parent determines the sex of the baby, in terms of genetics?
The baby

Question: 7/15Choose the correct answer!

What's the correct term for seeing the baby's head before birth?

Question: 8/15Choose the correct answer!

What's the correct term for surgical removal of a baby?
Caesarean section
Ectopic birth

Question: 9/15Choose the correct answer!

A pregnant woman's blood volume increases by _________

Question: 10/15Choose the correct answer!

What is a preemie?
A baby born three weeks after its due date
A baby born three weeks before its due date
A baby born on its due date

Question: 11/15Choose the correct answer!

What trimester during pregnancy is the most important for the baby's development?
The first trimester
The second trimester
The fourth trimester

Question: 12/15Choose the correct answer!

What hormone increases during pregnancy?

Question: 13/15Choose the correct answer!

What is the last thing to be delivered?
The umbilical cord
The baby's feet

Question: 14/15Choose the correct answer!

A sexually active teen who doesn't use contraceptives has a _____ chance of becoming pregnant within a year.

Question: 15/15Choose the correct answer!

Which of these is a FALSE pregnancy claim:
Your Feet Can 'Grow' up to One Full Size
Babies can't hear any noise in the womb
You Can Crave Non-Food Items
Babies Cry in the Womb
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Think you know everything there is to know about pregnancy? Whether you're expecting, have a few kids of your own, or don't see babies in your future just yet, take this pregnancy trivia quiz to see how well-versed your are in the subject.