Only Michael Myers Could Ace This Quiz On All Things Halloween. Can You?

Are you a true fan of this spooktacular holiday?

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 Oct 13, 2019
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Question: 1/21Pick your answer!

Why are black cats considered unlucky?
They are associated with witches
They are usually aggressive
They are the color of death

Question: 2/21Pick your answer!

On Halloween, the souls of the dead are said to...
Move on
Wander through purgatory
Return to earth

Question: 3/21Name the horror movie!

Dawn of The Dead
United Film Distribution Company
It Comes At Night
Dawn Of The Dead

Question: 4/21Pick your answer!

You can date the appearance of Jack-O-Lanterns all the way to ___.
Celtic folktales
The Mayans
Native American tradition

Question: 5/21Pick your answer!

Before pumpkins, what vegetable was used to make Jack-O-Lanterns?

Question: 6/21Name the horror movie!

movies, halloween, jamie lee curtis
Compass International Pictures
Friday The 13th

Question: 7/21Pick your answer!

Originally, why did Celtic people dress up on October 31st?
To avoid paying taxes
To commit crimes
To hide from ghosts and spirits

Question: 8/21Pick your answer!

The traditional Halloween color of black symbolizes ___.

Question: 9/21Name the horror movie!

movies, I Know What You Did Last Summer, horror, slasher, 1997
Columbia Pictures
Scary Movie
I Know What You Did Last Summer
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Question: 10/21Pick your answer!

How many years' bad luck is said to follow the breaking of a mirror?

Question: 11/21Pick your answer!

According to legend, what is the goal of goblins and fairies on Halloween?
To spread good luck
To cleanse the earth
To carry off your soul

Question: 12/21Name the horror movie!

New Line Cinema
A Nightmare On Elm Street

Question: 13/21Pick your answer!

Why is it bad luck to walk under a ladder?
The triangular shape produces bad omens
Criminals were once hanged from ladders
It’s dangerous to walk under anything so unstable

Question: 14/21Pick your answer!

Why are owls a symbol of Halloween?
Owls are vicious and dangerous
Hearing an owl’s call supposedly means death is near
Owls are nocturnal

Question: 15/21Name the horror movie!

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via Warner Bros.
The Shining

Question: 16/21Pick your answer!

Which of these numbers has NO evil or unlucky associations?

Question: 17/21Pick your answer!

Name the country said to be the birthplace of Halloween:

Question: 18/21Name the horror movie!

poltergeist, movies/tv
The Exorcist
The Sixth Sense

Question: 19/21Pick your answer!

Which of these figures died on Halloween?
Ted Bundy
Harry Houdini
Jack the Ripper

Question: 20/21Pick your answer!

The day after Halloween is...
The Day of the Dead
Christmas Day
All Saint’s Day

Question: 21/21Name the horror movie!

scream, drew barrymore
Dimension Films
The Ring
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