Louisiana Lingo - It's A Thing. How Much Do You Know?

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 Feb 26, 2020
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You couldn't possibly walk around the Quarter without hearing New Orleans' famous __!

Question: 2/19Choose Your Answer!

Your grandparents probably spoke this French-based dialect, but you've only picked up on a few __ words.

Question: 3/19Choose Your Answer!

During ______, you can find the streets packed with people and littered with green, purple, and gold themed beads.
Mardi Gras

Question: 4/19Choose Your Answer!

Louisiana is the only state that is divided into _____ instead of counties.

Question: 5/19Choose Your Answer!

It's not Mardi Gras until you've gotten the baby out of what cinnamon-swirled dessert?
King Cake
Bread Pudding
Sticky Buns

Question: 6/19Choose Your Answer!

Boudin and Andouille are two types of _____.

Question: 7/19Choose Your Answer!

Now you know, all good Louisiana cooking has got to have the "holy trinity" of ingredients in it. Which three are they?
Bacon, lettuce and tomato
Hummus, garlic and pita
Onions, bell peppers and celery

Question: 8/19Choose Your Answer!

I've been trying to describe what a "pirogue" is to my friend from up North. Can you help me out?
It's just a narrow canoe.
A cocktail so strong, it'll put hair on your chest!
The most delicious fried pastry... YUM.

Question: 9/19Choose Your Answer!

During a certain time of year, your parents tell you to go to bed early because "Papa Noel" or __ is passing in the night.
Santa Claus
Father Time

Question: 10/19Choose Your Answer!

How would a Louisianian use the term "cher"?
"You cher are gonna have fun tonight!"
"Oh cher, I told you not to touch that hot stove..."
"Tonight everyone is gonna go down to the house by the cher. Ya'll comin'?"

Question: 11/19Choose Your Answer!

It's true, I've eaten _____ before. The Archbishop of New Orleans even ruled it as seafood, so you're safe to eat it during Lenten Fridays!
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Pig ears

Question: 12/19Choose Your Answer!

The only acceptable time to shout, "Throw me somethin', Mista!" is during a _____.

Question: 13/19Choose Your Answer!

They're ingredients everyone has in their kitchen, but do you know which two make up a roux?
It's obviously garlic and onions.
Flour and oil ... no brainer!
It's not a roux without butter and cream.

Question: 14/19Choose Your Answer!

"No, I'm not talking about Los Angeles, ____ means Louisiana!!"
La La Land
City of Angels

Question: 15/19Choose Your Answer!

You're at the Superdome, the Saints are winning 3-2, and there's only 30 seconds left on the clock. What chant is filling the stadium?
Who Dat!
Where Y'at?
How’s ya mama an’ them?

Question: 16/19Choose Your Answer!

Where is the Crawfish Capital of the World located, exactly?
Breaux Bridge
Lake Charles

Question: 17/19Choose Your Answer!

What's that popular snack that's pretty similar to potato chips, except they're made from pig's fat?

Question: 18/19Choose Your Answer!

It's not a New Orleans celebration until you hear __.
"Let's get it, ya'll!"
"Bless your heart!"
"Let the good times roll!"

Question: 19/19Choose Your Answer!

There really is nowhere else quite like the ______ State! You're certainly luck to call it home!
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