Quiz: Make Some Tough Decisions & We'll Reveal Which Emotion You Lead With

How do you lead your life?

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 Feb 08, 2020
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Question: 1/18Choose your answer!

Your coworkers have just invited you to happy hour. What do you order?
Just a beer for now.
I'll have what everyone else is having!

Question: 2/18Choose your answer!

Oh no! Looks like you have to bring your car into the shop. What's your alternate mode of transportation?
The metro
A bike
A rental car

Question: 3/18Which color stands out to you?


Question: 4/18Choose your answer!

How do you wind down after a long day?
Watch TV
Take a nap
Catch up on my podcasts

Question: 5/18Choose your answer!

Your vacation time has finally been approved! Where are you going?
Toronto, Canada
Paris, France

Question: 6/18Choose your answer!

Do you have pets?
A dog!
A few fish!
Does a rock count?

Question: 7/18Choose your answer!

What's your friend group like?
I prefer to keep to myself.
Was I supposed to keep track?
Just a handful of people

Question: 8/18Choose your answer!

Would you be willing to give someone a second chance?
Everyone deserves a second chance!
It depends on the situation.

Question: 9/18Choose your answer!

Are you punctual?
I always early!
"A Queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early."
Right on time.

Question: 10/18What do you see?

A road...?
A pretty view.

Question: 11/18Choose your answer!

Do you prefer the indoors or the outdoors?
The outdoors
No preference
The indoors

Question: 12/18Choose your answer!

What do you fear?
Making the wrong decision
Being alone

Question: 13/18How does this picture make you feel??


Question: 14/18Choose your answer!

Movie night! What genre are you picking?

Question: 15/18Choose your answer!

Your favorite part of a meal is __.
The main course
The appetizer
The dessert

Question: 16/18Choose your answer!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
The alarm.
A fresh pot of coffee brewing.
The sun!

Question: 17/18Choose your answer!

These __ are made for walking.

Question: 18/18Choose your answer!

How do you take your eggs?
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Do you consider yourself a passionate person? Are you more thoughtful or anxious? How do you make decisions? Do you go with your gut feeling, or do you consult with other people? Make some difficult choices to find out which emotion you lead your life with! What's your go-to happy hour drink? Do you prefer the indoors or the outdoors? What's your spirit animal? This fun personality quiz will give you more insight into how you make decisions. Who knows - maybe you'll learn something new about yourself! But remember: make sure to answer honestly! If you love personality quizzes, or maybe you just want to take a deeper look into yourself, you'll love this personality test!

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