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 Dec 16, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick the correct answer!

The Declaration of Independence was signed on what date?
July 4, 1676
June 4, 1876
July 4, 1776

Question: 2/15Pick the correct answer!

How many years did George Washington serve as president?

Question: 3/15Pick the correct answer!

What is the first amendment?
Right to bear arms
Right to privacy
Freedom of speech

Question: 4/15Pick the correct answer!

What got Rosa Parks arrested?
physically fighting a white woman on the bus who took her seat
riding the wrong bus
refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on the bus

Question: 5/15Pick the correct answer!

President Kennedy was assassinated by:
Jack Ruby
Jackie Onassis
Lee Harvey Oswald

Question: 6/15Pick the correct answer!

Who is the famous American who said, "I have a dream..."
Malcolm X
Abraham Lincoln
Martin Luther King Jr.

Question: 7/15Pick the correct answer!

What was the last state to be added to the U.S?

Question: 8/15Pick the correct answer!

What is the most populous city in America?
Los Angeles
New York City

Question: 9/15Pick the correct answer!

What territorial purchase was taken from France in 1803?
Mississippi River purchase
Alaska purchase
Louisiana purchase

Question: 10/15Pick the correct answer!

What is the SECOND most commonly spoken language in the U.S?

Question: 11/15Pick the correct answer!

In order to run for President, you must be at least ___ years old.

Question: 12/15Pick the correct answer!

The U.S. has the worlds largest economy.

Question: 13/15Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following foods was started in America?
Mac n' Cheese

Question: 14/15Pick the correct answer!

The "Bible Belt" is a nickname for which American region?
New England
The Midwest
The South

Question: 15/15Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is valued most in American culture?
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