React To These HP Situations & We'll Reveal Which Character You Really Are

How would you live in the world of Harry Potter?
 May 14, 2019
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Question: 1/22How would you react?

You get your Hogwarts letter!
Go about your day, you were expecting it anyway
Research Hogwarts, if you don't know everything already
Scream and tell everyone

Question: 2/22How would you react?

You have detention in the Forbidden Forest!
Tell your father about this
Argue with the professors
Face it head-on

Question: 3/22How would you react?

Quirrell/Voldemort is demanding the Sorcerer's Stone from you.
Give it up
Try to talk your way out of it
Keep it until the end

Question: 4/22How would you react?

Lockhart just released a cage full of pixies!
Help other students
Freeze them with a spell
Get under cover

Question: 5/22How would you react?

Nearly Headless Nick invites you to his deathday party.
Go. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
No way I'm going
Well, I'm a little curious...

Question: 6/22How would you react?

You find out the monster of Slytherin is a basilisk!
How do you defeat it?
I knew it!
Time to leave Hogwarts

Question: 7/22How would you react?

The train stopped on the way to Hogwarts!
Ask the train conductor what's going on
Go around to find out what's going on
Sit tight and wait for the issue to get resolved

Question: 8/22How would you react?

You find out your new DADA professor is a werewolf.
Keep it a secret, who knows when it might come in handy
Keep it a secret, he seems like a decent person
Tell the headmaster

Question: 9/22How would you react?

Lupin says he's leaving Hogwarts because everyone find out he's a werewolf.
Good riddance
Get back at Snape for telling everyone
Try to convince him not to leave

Question: 10/22How would you react?

You're the fourth Triwizard Champion.
Insist there's been a mistake and triple-check the rule book
Brilliant! You were itching to enter anyway
Fake it till you make it

Question: 11/22How would you react?

Your fellow Hogwarts champion tells you the first task is dragons.
To the library!
Yeah, like I'd believe that
Try and figure out where these dragons are

Question: 12/22How would you react?

The Triwizard Cup is actually a portkey!
Explore your new surroundings
Take the portkey right back
Wait for something to happen

Question: 13/22How would you react?

You've performed underage magic, and the Ministry says they're going to take your wand.
Call your friends for back up
Run away
Wait and try to reason with them

Question: 14/22How would you react?

The adults say you can't participate in the Order.
Fine with me
But it's my fight too!
They probably know best

Question: 15/22How would you react?

You dreamed yourself as Nagini attacking Mr. Weasley.
Ask my parents about it
I'm being possessed!
Sounds like a mental link with Voldemort, better learn some Occlumency

Question: 16/22How would you react?

Dumbledore asks you to try and persuade Slughorn back to Hogwarts.
Why should I?
No way, I don't like him
I'll try my best?

Question: 17/22How would you react?

Malfoy has been exhibiting some strange behavior lately.
Who cares?
Come up with some theories and act accordindgly
Stalk him, of course

Question: 18/22How would you react?

Dumbledore has invited you to hunt a horcrux with him.
Let's sit down and talk logistics
Sounds like an adventure!
Um, no.

Question: 19/22How would you react?

You're at a wedding, but Death Eaters are coming!
Wand at the ready!
Find my friends!
I'm out of here

Question: 20/22How would you react?

Your best mate just walked out on you and Hermione.
Run out after him
He's dead next time I see him
Forget him, then

Question: 21/22How would you react?

Hallows or Horcruxes?
There must be a way to get both?

Question: 22/22How would you react?

You just found out that you're the last horcrux.
Research and discuss any other option
Run away
Go out and meet my destiny
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