Hogwarts Quiz: What % Ravenclaw Are You?

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure!"

luna lovegood, harry potter
 Jun 25, 2019
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Question: 1/22Pick your answer!

How would your friends describe you?

Question: 2/22Pick your answer!

Which of these wizarding games do you want to play?
Exploding Snap
Wizard's chess

Question: 3/22Pick your answer!

Where would you spend your free time at Hogwarts?
On the grounds
Common room

Question: 4/22Pick your answer!

Where do you want to go in Hogsmeade?
Shrieking Shack
Dervish and Banges
The Three Broomsticks

Question: 5/22Pick your answer!

What would your wand core be?
Unicorn hair
Veela hair
Dragon heartstring

Question: 6/22Pick your answer!

What kind of wood would your wand have?

Question: 7/22Pick your answer!

Who would you want to teach Transfiguration?
Professor McGonagall
Hermione Granger
Professor Dumbledore

Question: 8/22Pick your answer!

What is your favorite core subject at Hogwarts?
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Question: 9/22Pick your answer!

Which elective would you take?
Care of Magical Creatures
Muggle Studies
Study of Ancient Runes

Question: 10/22Pick your answer!

Ideally, who would you want to teach Care of Magical Creatures?
Professor Hagrid
Professor Grubbly-Plank
Newt Scamander

Question: 11/22Pick your answer!

Which of these would you join at Hogwarts?
Charms Club

Question: 12/22Pick your answer!

How would you help a fellow classmate to learn a spell?
Show them how to do it
Observe and give pointers
I wouldn't help them

Question: 13/22Pick your answer!

What would you do if you were struggling in class?
Give up
I've already learned it ages ago, so that wouldn't happen
Work tirelessly until I get it

Question: 14/22Pick your answer!

Who would you want to study with?

Question: 15/22Pick your answer!

Which professor do you identify with the most?
Professor Flitwick
Professor Lockhart
Professor McGonagall

Question: 16/22Pick your answer!

Which Marauder would have been your bestie?

Question: 17/22Pick your answer!

During which Harry Potter book would you have wanted to attend Hogwarts?
Order of the Phoenix
Sorcerer's Stone
Goblet of Fire

Question: 18/22Pick your answer!

What is your favorite shop in Diagon Alley?
Magical Menagerie
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
Flourish and Blotts

Question: 19/22Pick your answer!

What is your favorite time of day?

Question: 20/22Pick your answer!

How many books do you read for fun in a year?
More than one

Question: 21/22Pick your answer!

How many O.W.L.'s do you think you'd pass?
Maybe a handful
I'd probably fail one or two
All of them, of course

Question: 22/22Pick your answer!

Which career would you have in the wizarding world?
Minister for Magic
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