Hogwarts Quiz: Who Would Your Date Be To The Yule Ball?

"Wangoballwime?" - Harry

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 Feb 26, 2021
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Question: 1/22Pick your answer!

What color would your dress robe be?

Question: 2/22Pick your answer!

What do you most look forward to at a holiday party?
Talking with people

Question: 3/22Pick your answer!

How far in advance would your ideal date to the Ball ask you out?
The week before
A few weeks in advance
Beginning of term

Question: 4/22Pick your answer!

How good at dancing is your ideal date?
Just as bad as me

Question: 5/22Pick your answer!

Before a date, what would your ideal date give you?
His winning smile

Question: 6/22Pick your answer!

At Hogwarts, what subject would you and your date share together?
Defence Against the Dark Arts

Question: 7/22Pick your answer!

Where did he ask you to the Ball?
Great Hall

Question: 8/22Pick your answer!

What do you value most in a first date?

Question: 9/22Pick your answer!

How much of the first date would you pay for?

Question: 10/22Pick your answer!

For the Ball, your ideal date would be from _________.
your House
a different school
a different House

Question: 11/22Pick your answer!

At Hogsmeade, where would you like to go for a date?
Shrieking Shack
Three Broomsticks
Madam Puddifoot's

Question: 12/22Pick your answer!

What is the best candy from Honeydukes your date could buy for you?
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
Chocolate Bar
Sugar-spun Quills

Question: 13/22Pick your answer!

Which movie would you watch with your date?
Half-Blood Prince
Goblet of Fire
Prisoner of Azkaban

Question: 14/22Pick your answer!

The wizard you like is struggling with a spell, and you decide to help. What is the spell?

Question: 15/22Pick your answer!

What does your ideal date like to do for fun?

Question: 16/22Pick your answer!

Which of your awesome features do you want your date to notice the most?
Your looks
Your humor
Your smarts

Question: 17/22Pick your answer!

Ideally, who would you want to have perform at the Ball?
Bruce Springsteen
Stevie Wonder
Bruno Mars

Question: 18/22Pick your answer!

What is usually the best part of a going on a date?
Fun conversation
Free food

Question: 19/22Pick your answer!

Pick a friend to go with to the Ball!

Question: 20/22Pick your answer!

If you could dance with a Hogwarts professor, who would it be?
Professor Dumbledore
Professor Snape
Professor Lupin

Question: 21/22Pick your answer!

Which school's holiday feast do you want to visit?

Question: 22/22Pick your answer!

What is the best way to end a date?
Planning for a second one
Who says it has to end?
With plenty of leftovers
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